Keeping Warm in the Winter Months with Starfire Direct


With winter biting deeper and colder each year, it’s more difficult to keep warm. How do you turn your house into a comfortable abode during these trying months? Settle into a warm, cozy lounge while reading about types of fireplaces, by the leading provider in hearth technology Starfire Direct.

In the past, houses made use of traditional wood hearths for warmth. Wood was the primary fuel, burned in firepits of various designs. As heat efficiency technology improved and the disadvantages of wood burning exposed, modern fireplaces sprang. Three types of fireplaces emerged: ethanol fireboxes, gel fuel fireplaces, and electric fireplaces.


Ethanol fireboxes make use of denatured alcohol, a type of fuel that is accessible, portable, and easy to use. Denatured alcohol rids homeowners of the need for chimneys and, unlike wood hearths, does not produce fumes that are dangerous to the health.


Have you ever noticed how food is kept warm in buffets? Under buffet trays are flames sustained by gel fuel, an alternative fuel for the fireplace. Gel Fuel fireplaces are easy to install and do not require ventilation. Gel fuel does not produce dangerous gases and, like ethanol, does not leave ashes nor soot.

Electric fireplaces use electricity to create warmth and are great for ambience. This type shares a lot in common with electric heaters and comes with a power plug, which has to be plugged into the correct wattage to ensure efficiency. Electric fireplaces can be mounted anywhere, and imitation wood is used to make them appear like traditional wood hearths.

These three are just a few examples. With a better knowledge of the types of fireplaces available, there’s no need to expect cold winters. Starfire Direct turns the heat a notch higher with their modern hearths. Look forward to more comfortable evenings with better fireplaces.


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