Find out what makes this fire glass standout from the rest.


Find out what makes this fire glass standout from the rest.


Fire glass can go by many names, such as fire pit glass, fire rocks, fireplace glass, flammable glass, fire beads and lava glass. However, at Starfire Direct, we prefer to call it fire glass.

Regardless of the name, all of our fire pit glass is safe to use with either natural gas or propane. When you get tired of all the other forms of decorative media, it may be time to expand your horizons—this glass has been a leading trend for fire pits and fireplaces in the US for over twenty years, and it’s still burning bright.

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Unlike traditional media—such as gas logs or lava rocks—fireplace glass rocks artistically mask gas burners and jets while reflecting the light and heat produced from the fire. This makes the glass fire not only pleasant to the eye, but also quite functional. While some fake ceramic logs or large lava rocks may produce the same result, they are often uninteresting in appearance. It’s time to liven up your home or office with something outside of the box like fire glass.

When non-flammable, melt-resistant fireplace glass rocks came onto the market as an alternative for these long-standing forms of decorative media, the product took off. Starfire Direct, in particular, offers only the best of the best—meaning a vivid array of high quality fire pit glass rocks and fireplace glass rocks that are fit for any fireplace or fire pit you may be looking to glam up. Our fire glass is resistant to melting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures. After this, we still give you room for options: our sizes range from a quarter inch to two inches, and our fire glass comes in various colors for further aesthetic appeal.

What Type of Fire Glass Should I Use?

When starting any fireplace or fire pit project, it is important to ask yourself, “What design am I going for?” and “How can I achieve that goal accurately and efficiently?” or even "What are my options?"

For any new propane or natural gas burner project, the desired aesthetic must be carefully considered as different glass styles bring different glass fire results. With that in mind, here are some brief descriptions of a few of the types of fire glass that we offer:

Available Fire Pit Glass Rocks: Sizes and Types

Quarter Inch Fire Pit Glass (Small Pieces)

One of our most popular style of firepit glass is a quarter inch, which starts off as a quarter inch sheet of tempered glass. When this sheet is broken, the result is a smaller, yet more vibrantly colored sample. This small size is ideal for most projects because it offers the largest selection of rich colors. When it comes to a visually pleasing fire feature, good color choice is imperative.

Most of the quarter inch firepit glass colors are offered in either reflective or non-reflective options, though currently a few colors are distinctly connected to one type or the other. Our reflective firepit glass starts off with a sheer polish that creates more shine and sparkle, versus our non-reflective firepit glass. While they do both offer reflective characteristics, our reflective firepit glass is still considered a more premium product when compared.

Half Inch Fire Glass (Medium Pieces)

Our half inch fireglass is just as popular as the quarter inch fireglass and it is not hard to see why. Like the quarter inch fireglass, the half inch starts off with a sheet of tempered glass, but which is twice as thick at 1/2". When this sheet is broken it results in a larger, chunkier piece of fire glass than its popular 1/4" rival.

Since the pieces are larger, the color is not as vibrant as the quarter inch style. However, the size contrast is much bolder, and half inch fireplace glass rocks are better suited for larger fire features since its size compliments well.

As a bonus, our half inch fireglass also tends to work about 20% more efficiently with propane gas, since the propane has an easier time burning through the larger pieces.

Most of Starfire Direct’s half inch fireglass is offered in reflective and non-reflective options. It is also possible to mix colors, which creates an eye-catching effect for any water feature or fire pit near a pool.

Eco Glass (Medium Pieces)

First and foremost, our eco glass is earth-friendly. This fire glass comes from dropped new tempered sheets which otherwise would go to landfills, meaning that it is semi-recycled. Instead of being shipped off as waste, this glass is melted down with different oxides to give it a rich color, and it is sold at a cheaper cost than our other decorative glasses. If you happen to be on a tight budget, or you’re just looking for something more environmentally friendly, eco glass is a great choice for you!

Eco glass has a fun, jelly bean type of shape, and it works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor fixtures. Eco glass can be sprinkled on top of your feature to magnify the colors or styles beneath them, or the glass can be used alone. The choice is yours!

Liquid Fire Glass and Fire Beads (Large Pieces)

The larger style of liquid fire glass is a dramatic and artistic option to use in any hearth. It has been said that these styles resemble a “squashed marble.” Many of these pieces tend to look “wet” when burning due to the distorted flame reflection.  This offers a stunning appearance unlike any other.

Fire beads are similarly smooth and rounded and they create a striking contrast against the rising flame. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Additional Options

Beyond the choices listed above, Starfire Direct also offers:

  • Diamond Nuggets
  • Zircon Fire Glass
  • Recycled Fire Pit Glass
  • Pre-Mixed Fire Glass

Shop for Fire Pit Glass Rocks at Starfire Direct

With so many varieties of fire pit glass rocks and fireplace glass rocks, Starfire Direct surely has one that is ideal for your home or business. Browse online today to see all of our available Starfire glass choices.

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