At Starfire Direct we realize the need to listen to customers and customize our services to address their needs. Our team of NFI certified professionals has been trained to keep customer needs at the forefront of daily routine and use them as a guide towards better service. We are always trying to improve and it shows when you talk with any one of our staff members.

Some of the aspects that distinguish us from the other companies are:

-We have over a decade of detailed experience dealing in different fireplace related products

-We have built an excellent reputation of quality -We have affordable prices for all our products

-We have the best customization & fabrication services in the industry

-We take the time to listen to our customers and respond accordingly

Superior Customer Service

At Starfire Direct we take pride in knowing that our customer needs have been met or exceeded and have perfected our products to represent our unwavering commitment to this purpose. It is this dedication to duty that has contributed to our fifteen year success in building fireplaces and fire pits for our clients.

We Embrace Technology

At Starfire Direct we realize the need to constantly update our technologies in order to improve our products and services. With respect to this we have a dedicated team of professionals that are charged with the important responsibility of ensuring our systems are in tip-top shape and that we make the necessary technology acquisitions needed to stay relevant.

OUR Products And Services

Some of the products and services provided by Starfire Direct include










Simply put Starfire Direct is the one stop shop for all things fire. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of America’s finest designers, architects, homeowners and contractors. And we look forward to working with you, our future customer!