Upcoming Trends and Inspiration for 2020

2019 marked the end of an era, but that does not mean the trends of the past decade will automatically disappear. Instead, we expect them to evolve throughout the 2020s. Even our year-to-date sales reports have proven that concrete's popularity in 2019 continues to trend up and surpass our expectations. We are also noticing an uptick in tile, copper, and steel for fire pits this year. If there is anything remotely similar between these differing materials, it is the relaxation that comes from gathering around them and watching the fire uniquely reflect off their exquisite surfaces. This trend ties to what we feel the overarching style will be this year: a focus on comfort and a sense of nostalgia in the home. Let's take a closer look, shall we?


Themes of Nostalgia and Comfort in 2020

Pantone's Classic Blue as the Color of the Year for 2020Classic Blue is Pantone’s color of the year for 2020, and it instills confidence and connection. (Image courtesy of Pantone).

For 2020, Pantone chose Classic Blue as the color of the year, mentioning it "installs calm, confidence, and connection. This enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build". It is a throwback to the Cerulean Blue color that the company chose for the year 2000, which also marked the beginning of a new era. Classic Blue echoes Pantone's statement from 20 years ago about how "Cerulean Blue produces the perfect calming effect [for] a paradoxical time in which we are heading toward an uncertain, yet exciting, future, and also looking back, trying to hold onto the security of the past". It reminds us that trends, behaviors, and even colors are cyclical--but that they also evolve.

A perfect example of the cyclical--and evolving--nature of design is the up-and-coming style coined the grandmillennial. Combining the "cottage retro" style with "millenial" modern tendencies, the homes that utilize this look are exceptionally cozy, and feature throwbacks such as ruffle-skirted textures, floral prints, plaids, and embroidered lace that are all paired with simple, sleek furniture and accents so common with mid-century, modern, and minimalist looks. The epitome of interior design in our parents' and grandparents' time is making a comeback with a modern day twist, and this showcases the truly cyclical nature of design and fashion--everything comes back because everyone loves nostalgia.


Mixing the Old with the New

Starfire Glass 1/2" Broken Cobalt Blue // EcoSmart Fire Teak Fire PitFind inspiration using Pantone‘s color of the year for 2020 by mixing and matching cool and warm tones together in your living space. The cool tones of Starfire Glass 1/2” Broken Cobalt Blue Fire Glass blends in exceptionally with the warm tones of EcoSmart Fire’s line of teak fire pits.

What better way to kick off the new decade than by laying down a stable foundation that will stand the test of time? Since Pantone's color of the year is all about instilling calm, confidence, and connection, why not go bold by incorporating contrasting colors and textures in your outdoor living space? One creative way to do this is by mixing and matching the cool tones of Classic Blue with the warm tones of natural wood, such as teak.

Though EcoSmart Fire's new series of teak fire pits are something we have not quite seen on the market in the past, they are reminiscent of the wood pieces so essential to traditional stylings but puts more emphasis on making a statement via their sleek profile. Rather than subtle lines and deep rich tones, these fire pits add a modern touch by polishing the edges to be straight, even, and clean. You won't find any curves here. We're exceptionally fond of natural, unweathered teak paired with the cool tones of some modern blue fire glass, such as the Starfire Glass 1/2" Broken Cobalt Blue Fire Glass. But even if the warm, honey tones of teak is not your style, there are endless combinations when it comes to personalizing your indoor or outdoor project. You have the freedom to mix and match colors and textures to match your aesthetic.


Heirloom Pieces Are Here to Stay

OW Lee 30" x 50" Occasional Height Capri Fire Pit TableOW Lee excels in crafting high quality, heirloom outdoor furniture, such as this OW Lee 30" x 50" Occasional Height Capri Fire Pit Table, which you can expect to be passed down from generation to generation.

No other brand captures nostalgia and comfort better than OW Lee. This southern California based company is renown for their high quality, heirloom furniture that showcase hand-forged scrollwork with intricate details, stylish tiled surfaces, and hand hammered designs. Their artisans employ superior, state-of-the-art equipment to handcraft high-end fire pits, patio seating, and patio tables using commercial grade materials. OW Lee incorporates muted color palettes and classic patterns to give their outdoor patio furniture a traditional scope reminiscent of the early 2000s, but combines it with the sleek, sophistication of the modern design.

From thick, heavy grade iron and low maintenance aluminum used for their fire tables and patio furniture, to stylish commercial grade porcelain tile tops and solution dyed acrylic fabrics infused into their cushions, you can expect your investment to not only stand the test of time, but be passed down from generation to generation. We're certain OW Lee's high quality craftsmanship will spark a sense of homey familiarity for you and your entire extended family.


Achieve the Aged Look with Modern Materials

Corten Steel and Carbon Steel Fire Pits Achieve the aged look in your entertainment space with a fire pit made from corten steel or carbon steel. (Left to right: Bentintoshape, STAHL FirePit, and Fire Pit Art.)

Add character to your outdoor living space with steel materials that will change color over time and create a vintage-inspired appeal. Corten steel, also known as weathering steel, develops a natural coating--called patina--on its surface when the steel alloy oxidizes after being exposed to the outdoor elements. This rust outer layer protects the material underneath from corrosion. Bentintoshape, which specializes in outdoor fire pits made of this material, uses it to achieve a distressed look that requires little to no maintenance. If you have an appreciation for the aged look of weathering steel, check out: Fire Pit Art, Ohio Flame, Stahl FirePit, and OFYR USA. These brands excel in blending comfort and nostalgia together through the golden, brownish-orange and rich mahogany undertones of the patina that will complement perfectly in modern or boho-themed outdoor living spaces.


Other Timeless Favorites

Starfire Designs Mill Fire PitStarfire Designs' Mill Fire Pits sport a sleek profile and timeless appeal that make it easy to personalize with fire glass, throughout the seasons.

No matter how your tastes and preferences may change, there is something comforting about sticking with a timeless piece that you can trust will not fail you. Opt for something neutral and more subdued, like the Starfire Designs Mill Fire Pit, which sports a simple and clean minimalist design that will allow you to exercise creativity with fire glass or other fire media alternatives throughout the seasons. From swapping out colors to match the time of year or to simply give your living space a refreshing makeover without breaking the bank, fire glass may be best for you. Alternatively, you can also switch to fire balls, lava rocks, or fire shapes for a stylish appeal. No matter which color or style you prefer, these minimalist-inspired fire pits make it effortless to dress up our down, tailored to suit your design tastes.

We understand that trends are always changing--always evolving. But the one trend we do not foresee going out of style is comfort. Whether it is the comfort in the familiar or the comfort of sitting around the fire pit with love ones--there is something for everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message on our live chat, contact us here, or reach out to our helpful team members at (866) 578-8538.

Main Image: Muted color palettes and tiled tops, as seen with this 35" Square Occasional Height Forma Fire Pit by OW Lee, is a classic.


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