Concrete Fire Features by Prism Hardscapes

Though primarily seen paved onto the ground as sidewalks and propped up as the underlying support for building infrastructures, concrete has been making notable strides within the rooms of residential and commercial spaces. Last year, we saw an increase in demand for fire pits constructed of this material--and we don't expect it to slow down. Concrete's dominance in 2019 is most likely--in large part--due to its subtle, yet versatile nature. Prism Hardscapes--a brand that captures the very essence of simplicity and class raved by the modern minimalist--offers a variety of concrete fire pits, fire bowls, and fire columns that'll accentuate any outdoor living space.


Visionary Design Meets Craftsmanship

Prism Hardscape's fire features are crafted with a high-performance mixture known as glass fiber reinforced cement.

Devoted to creating long-lasting products designed to stand the test of time, Prism Hardscapes masters the design principles of modernism and minimalism and incorporates them with unparalleled craftsmanship. Their fire features are hand molded by expert artisans with their unique blend of glass fiber reinforced cement, or GFRC for short, which is a special high-performance blend of cement fortified with glass fibers. Though more expensive than its conventional concrete counterparts, GFRC's price point is attributed by its exceptional quality, durability, and structural integrity. Let’s delve more into those features.


Benefits of GFRC Concrete

From round surfaces to edged frames, GFRC can be cast into a multitude of shapes. The Moderno 5 Gas Fire Pit sports a clean face fit for any backdrop.

GFRC's tensile strength derives from its glass fiber mixture. Compared to standard concrete, it is lighter in weight but much tougher and stronger. Since it doesn't require an internal steel reinforcement less cement material is needed, and it’s significantly more versatile for shaping, opening endless design capabilities. Plus, it is easier to maintain. With a lower vulnerability against impact and a higher resilience against moisture and the elements, it's not hard to see why Prism Hardscape opts in favor of this material for their fire features.


Production Process

The Pebble Gas Fire Pit shell's aesthetically pleasing, smooth surface is achieved by a honing method.

Each fire feature undergoes a unique production process that starts by hand packing the GFRC into the corresponding mold. Once the desired shape is achieved, the concrete shell is left to air dry, and is then honed to the classic Prism Hardscapes texture. A stain is then applied to the unit—for all colors except for Natural, which is as you’d expect, the natural concrete hue—and then a cement sealer is applied to the shell so that it retains a colorfast finish and will withstand the abuse of being left outdoors. Because these fire features are individually handcrafted by an expert craftsman, each piece may vary slightly. But that means you're guaranteed to receive a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Prism Hardscapes offers their fire features in Pewter, Natural, Ebony, and Café.

Concrete offers greater flexibility and design freedom when it comes to style integration and is even suitable for high wind and coastal areas. Though typically recognized by its utilitarian gray shade, the binding properties of concrete allow it to be blended with a variety of pigments. With that, Prism Hardscapes is no stranger to exceling at integrating extra panache into their production process. They offer their fire features in an assortment of colors, as shown above, to fit any space.



Whether choosing the neutral gray to highlight other decor or deciding on adding some extra pizzazz with a different color to complement the surrounding environment, Prism Hardscapes has you covered.

Best Selling Models

The graceful yet strong angles of the Tavola 6 Gas Fire Pit look great in any outdoor space, and with any style.

Prism’s line is extensive, and surely has something for your unique space. Two of their most popular styles, the Tavola and Moderno, offer the most classic and back-to-basics aesthetics. The Moderno bowls feature a clean round silhouette, with varying thicknesses to ensure they stay balanced in ratio and won’t overpower your existing décor. The Tavola line also offers a few different models, with their connecting look being bold and modern edges, and enough room to place drinks and snacks around the perimeter of the top.

Falo Wood Burning Fire Pit

Relish a campfire-esque atmosphere with the portable Falo Wood Burning Fire Pit (please call for details).

If you enjoy the timeless scent and crackling sound of burning wood, Prism Hardscapes' Falo Fire Pit may prove to be the choice for you. Like with the rest of their standard gas collection, the Falo sports a modern profile constructed of glass fiber reinforced cement so you can rest assured it will be impervious to the outdoor elements. It features a removable high temp powder coated steel burner for disposing ash leftover by the wood logs. At only 30 lbs, it is lightweight and offers portability for taking anywhere you desire (of course, where permitted). Plus, it's their most affordable model. Please call us for details.

Edel Hospitality Collection

Freshen up your resort or fine-dining restaurant's outdoor space with the Edel Hospitality collection, which includes this larger-than-life sized Tavola 110.

Prism Hardscape's Edel Hospitality collection feature a line of fire bowls made of brushed hammered copper, as well two impressive behemoth sized Fuego and Tavola 110 fire pits that make it possible to accommodate a large crowd. The latter two are especially ideal for commercial locations, such as resorts and restaurants. Please call us for details.


From the distinctive architecture of our city streets that influence the designs of their fire features, down to the superior artistry and materials that lend itself to their structural integrity, it's not hard to see why Prism Hardscapes is at the forefront of the furniture industry. Although we don't foresee concrete going out of style any time soon, Prism Hardscapes also offers a variety of other styled fire pits certain to enhance your living space. If you'd like additional information about which fire feature is right for you, feel free to message us via our live chat, call our supportive staff members at (866) 578-8538, or fill out our contact us form here.

Main Image: Whatever the environment, and whatever your style, Prism’s concrete fire features are ideal—like this beachside Moderno 1 Gas Fire Bowl.


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