Backyard Bowls

You've finally began checking off boxes to create your dream backyard, congratulations. You've got the landscaped yard, the pool, and the lounge area--but it's still missing something. I'll tell you exactly what it is: a backyard bowl or two. What is a backyard bowl? A backyard bowl can be a fire bowl, a water bowl, or a combination of both. They provide an attractive feature that will turn outdoor entertainment into a spectacular experience. Trust me, these items will make a huge impact in finishing the look of your backyard. Fortunately, at Starfire Direct we have various options and designs to suit your style. 

Fire bowls

Fire Bowls Blog PostPictured left to right: Fiore Fire Bowl by Grand Effects, 31" Cono Moreno Fire Bowl by Starfire Direct, Lunar Bowl by Elementi.

Fire bowls are essential to any backyard for a few reasons. They provide heat and lighting once the sun goes down and temperatures drop. They make a stunning fire feature, blazing atop a gathering of your favorite fire glass. Now, let's break down our personal favorite fire bowls in terms of function, structure, and why they're so great.  

First, let's take a look at the  31" Cono Moreno Copper Fire Bowl. This fire bowl is handmade from copper and finished with an oiled bronze finish to handle any intense flame produced by these burners. This gas fire bowl includes one of our very own burners, which has the capacity to produce up to 90k BTUs. Due to such high heat output you and all your guests will always feel toasty warm. Furthermore, this fire bowl includes 60 lbs of 1/4" Emerald Reflective Fire Glass. The green hues of the fire media and the reddish copper tones of the fire bowl makes a splendid combination of complementary colors. However, you always have the option to upgrade your fire glass to any size or color you desire.  

 Another one of our favorites is the 32" Fiore Fire Bowl which offers a traditional and refined design that can create a huge impact to any outdoor space. This fire bowl will create an excellent atmosphere for all your guests, and is compatible with the use of gas logs, fire glass, or lava rock. Reaching up to 60k-80k BTUs, your guests will love this fire bowl and its enjoyable heat output. For this fire bowl, you have the option to use either natural gas or propane. If you decide to use propane, we also carry many different covers to attractively conceal your propane tank! These fire bowls are available in 11 different colors to perfectly suit your design needs. Built from reinforced concrete, the flame cast off from the burners will look spectacular against the concrete structure.  

Water Bowls

Water Bowls Blog PostPictured left to right: 24" Square Concrete Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus, 31" Cono Moreno Water Bowl by Starfire Designs.

If fire isn't quite your thing, then a water bowl would definitely fit your style. A water bowl adds a focal point with a gentle flowing water and a soothing background noise for any outdoor space. An elegant waterfall completes your yard with an entertainment value that can’t be beat. Water bowls are appropriate for any type of poolside, pond, or fountain installation.  

The 31" Cono Moreno Copper Water Bowl will draw your eye with its simple flow of water and sleek design. Place this water bowl above your pool for a dramatic effect and a refreshing feel. It is handmade from durable copper and creates an overall beautiful rustic look. This copper bowl will indefinitely shine continuously and remain strong after years of use. This bowl is completed with a beeswax finish to form a rich, glossy coating that protects against stains, pollutants, and sunlight.  

Still love the idea of a unique water bowl but with a different design? The 24" Square Concrete Water Bowl will create the soothing ambiance you are looking for. The 24" version of this water bowl is perfect for a smaller, intimate space. Handmade and easy to install, this water bowl is available in seven different colors. Each finish is specially designed to emphasize the softness and clarity of the water flowing through it, so your water feature looks crisp at all times. This water bowl is extremely durable, yet lightweight, so you can place it anywhere! 

Fire and Water Bowls

Fire and Water Backyard BowlsPictured left to right: 40" Marseille Fire and Water Bowl by American Fyre Designs, 31" Campana Moreno Copper Fire and Water Bowl by Starfire Designs.

Still can't decide between fire or water? Why not have the best of both worlds? We carry bowls that combine the two for an incomparable style that's ideal as an impressive decoration piece. Fire and water bowls are the best of both worlds because you can add your favorite fire glass to accentuate the beautiful flame and have water flowing smoothly into a pool or fountain.  

The 31" Campana Moreno Copper Fire and Water Bowl is our #1 choice for fire and water bowls due to its high quality and distinguishing characteristic. This fire and water bowl can transform your backyard into a modern paradise, with a unique hand-hammered copper finish. In addition, this fire and water bowl includes 60 pounds of 1/4" Emerald Reflective Fire Glass which makes for an amazing color contrast against the reddish copper bowl. Both the warm and cool colors will really make this bowl stand out. You also have the choice to upgrade to any fire media of your choice for complete customization. The burner has a capacity to reach 90k BTUs, with the ability to provide heat for many of your guests to enjoy at a time.  

Another great option for fire and water bowls is the 40" Marseille Fire Bowl with Water Spout. As an extremely customizable bowl, this piece has the capability of fitting all your demands. You have the option to choose your burner, valves, color finish, and fuel type. You can choose between propane and natural gas, though if you decide to go with propane, we have a matching pedestal to elevate the luxurious feel of your bowl and effectively conceal your propane tank. The Marseille Fire Bowl includes a fire bowl, water spout, and ball feet to collectively make it a unique item. The stainless-steel star burner includes a match lit ignition, so the flames will produce evenly over your favorite type of fire media.  

Fire bowls, water bowls, and the combination of both, are all an excellent addition to your outdoor space and will upgrade the look of your backyard indefinitely. Whether you're doing some backyard renovations, or you're just looking for something to impress your guests this season, any backyard bowl will add a sense of luxury and relaxation to your area. It can be hard to decide which option is best for you, so we encourage you to reach out to our helpful associates if you have any questions. We'd love to talk fire and water with you! Call us at (866) 578-8538, fill out this simple form, or utilize the live chat feature on our site, we'd be happy to provide you with all the information you need!  

Main Image: 31" Round Concrete Fire and Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus.


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