Best Ways to Save on a Fire Pit

In both residential and commercial applications, a fire pit or similar fire feature can be a very welcoming point for visitors to gather around. It provides warmth, ambiance, and can be customized to a style that’s perfect for your unique outdoor space. Because of these reasons, we get a lot of customers looking to either improve the fire feature they already have or build a new fire pit that complements their entertaining area. Cost can be a big deciding factor when looking at fire pits, so whether it’s an existing fire pit you’re looking to makeover, or you’re looking to find the best bargain on a new fire feature, we’ve got you covered.


Add Something Unique

Starfire GlassFire glass, such as this 1/2" Titanium Starfire Glass, is an easy upgrade that brings new life to your existing fire pit.

For both existing and new gas fire pits, consider upgrading to some dazzling fire glass or accessories that are a little out of the norm. Fire glass is an ever-popular alternative to lava rocks, due in large part to the huge variety of options they come in. This glass is available in different shapes, such as diamonds and beads, as well as every color you could possibly imagine! But if fire glass isn’t your cup of tea, there are some other alternatives you can check out to refresh your gas fire pit.

Our other two favorites? Fire pit logs and fire shapes. Ceramic logs are reminiscent of the campfires from our youth and make us crave a S’mores or two. Like their indoor fireplace counterparts, these logs are available in different wood styles, so you’re sure to find the look that’s perfect for you. Why ceramic logs over regular wood? Ceramic logs are normally reinforced with steel or similar material inside, and feature coating that will make them most resistant to the harsh weather--meaning a one-time investment rather than a new purchase of wood every time you want to enjoy your flames. Fire shapes come in all sorts of materials and styles, not just shapes. The materials especially make for some truly unique looks, such as the striking steel Desert Sticks by The Outdoor Plus. Between these three fire media types, you’re sure to find something to add that little extra pizazz to your fire pit. And the best part? Adding one of these accessories is much more affordable than replacing your fire pit. For more suggestions on how best to glam up your fire pit, check out our 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Fire Pit article.

Expert Tip: Fire glass, logs, and other media are a fantastic addition to any gas fire feature, but they should not be used with wood burning fire pits. Treated glass can withstand high temperatures, but it isn't quite strong enough to hold up against the extreme heat that wood fires give off.


Clean It ‘Til It Sparkles

Copper Canyon CloseupLike most materials, copper weathers over time. This fire pit from our Copper Canyon series shines brilliantly after a fresh coat of wax.

Some people think that their old fire pits will never look as good as they did on the day they were first installed or delivered. But that simply isn’t true! With some cleaning and regular maintenance, your fire pit can be kept looking new for years—no need to spend more money on a brand-new fire pit. Save your hard-earned dollars by spending a little time maintaining your existing fire pit.

The first step for any deep cleaning is clearing out the burner area. If you have a wood burning fire pit, you likely have a lot of ash built up. Start your cleaning by removing that messy soot, and you’ll be impressed at how much better it already looks. For gas fire pits you’ve used fire glass in, it’s recommended to pull out the glass to clean it off or replace it. Though gas fires have much less by-product than wood burning, it’s still always a good idea to annually clean your media to keep everything looking nice and new.

For most fire pits, a diluted solution of water and dish soap can be used to gently cleanse your fire feature’s surface. Many fire pits’ owner’s manuals will also provide recommendations for cleaning and maintenance, so you can use that as a guide for what to use on yours. It’s always a good idea to test a small, inconspicuous area first, to ensure that your cleaning concoction is safe to use on your specific material. Trust us on this one, we’ve seen this mistake far too many times!

Expert Tip: Copper fire pits and bowls, such as our Copper Canyons and Morenos, require extra care. Using chemicals, polish, or store-bought cleaners can ruin their unique patina finish. Instead, opt to use the specialized beeswax cleaner provided with your fire pit. Or if you’re running low, give us a call and we’d be happy to assist you in purchasing another can.


Do-It-Yourself Can Be Rewarding

Starfire Designs DIY Ring and Burner PanIf you're looking to build a new fire pit, investing in DIY parts, such as these Starfire Designs 30" burner pan and 24" fire ring, are a great option.

Especially in cases of new fire pits, if you’re looking to save, the best way to save a substantial amount of money is by building it yourself. We do want to note that for commercial applications you’ll likely need to purchase specialized DIY kits that include a preassembled burner, pan, and ignition, to maintain certain safety standards and certifications. But for residential installs, you can absolutely DIY each part of your fire pit.

Expert Tip: Even if you’re looking to DIY your fire pit at home and don’t have to worry about certification, you can still purchase a DIY kit to make the building process even easier.

Not only does it save money to DIY your new fire pit in terms of materials, but you can also draw out the timeline, making it easier to budget smaller amounts at a time, instead of one large lump sum. This allows you to work at your pace and schedule out the amount you spend on supplies over time. For details on where to start your project, check out some of our other DIY blog articles: DIY Natural Gas Fire Pit and How Big Should My Fire Pit Be?.


Shop Clearance & Deals

Starfire Direct's Sales and OutletOnline stores, just like brick-and-mortar, have promotions and sales on their products. Our Outlet collections houses all of our special deals, such as these OW Lee products.

If you’re on the hunt for a real bargain, investing in a clearance, floor model, or promotional sale fire pit is a great option. These models are usually very limited on stock and may be in like-new condition instead of new but are normally nearly impossible to distinguish from a brand-new model. Better yet, some of these even carry the safety certifications that commercial clients often require.

These are the types of deals that don’t stick around for long, so when you find a product that’s perfect for you, it’s best to hop on it right away. You can browse through our current selection of fire pits on sale—plus accessories and other outdoor goodies—by visiting our Sale page here and browsing through the exceptional deals highlighted in our Outlet page. Perhaps you’ll find your personal diamond in the rough.

Expert Tip: Fire pit sales change with the seasons and trends. So, if you don’t see exactly what you want this month, check back again next month!


Let’s Talk About It

DIY Backyard Fire PitFire pits are a great investment in any commercial or residential space, and with these tips can be more affordable than you might imagine.

There’s a lot of information to digest in this humble little blog article. If we’ve caught your attention but you have some questions about the right type of fire pit or parts for your project, we’re happy to help! Our staff is available over the phone at (866) 578-8538, via live chat, or by visiting our Contact Us page. We look forward to working with you to turn your outdoor space into a true retreat.

Main Image: Built-in fire pits are a great way to save, as they allow you to perfectly customize for your space.


Emily Lozano