How To Clean Fire Glass

Fire glass is a popular and trending accessory to have in gas fire pits and fireplaces. These tiny yet remarkable pieces replace wood logs and create a lavishly modern appeal that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. From beautiful classic and reflective colors, to varying shapes and sizes, these practical items are timeless and one of the most environmentally friendly fire media options to have for your fire feature. Compared to wood burning logs, they are resistant to high temperatures and will not burn. Because they do not produce any smoke or ash, there is no need to worry about a mess. But just like everything else, they can collect dust. Luckily, only minimal maintenance is required. Here's a guide to fire glass care that will have it glimmering, gleaming, and restored—like new—again.

Taza Moreno Fire and Water Bowl by Starfire DesignsWearing protective gloves when handling glass is important for safety.


  • Protective gloves
  • Water
  • An old colander or strainer (preferably one that won’t be used for cooking afterwards), or a bucket
  • Recycling box or newspaper sheets
  • Tape


    1. First and foremost, safety first. It is incredibly important to wear protective gloves before handling any type of glass. Regardless whether you have beads or broken styled pieces, this helps minimize skin contact with sharp edges and keeps your hands from getting cut.

    2. Next, carefully remove the fire glass and transfer them into a bucket. If you don’t have a bucket, using an old colander or a sieve that you don’t plan on using to prep food with works just as great. Depending on the amount of fire media you have, it's recommended to clean your fire glass in small batches so that you can get to those hard-to-reach, unwanted dust particles.

    Commonly Asked Question: What’s the "black stuff" on my fire glass?

    Answer: The "black stuff" on your fire glass is called soot and is typically visible on achromatic colors, like white and clear fire glass. But there’s no need to be alarmed, this is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean your fire glass is burnt. The soot on your fire glass occurs when the flames are in contact with the glass and is a result of the combustion process of gas turning into a flame. The good news is that, like dust, soot can be easily removed from your fire glass with water.

    3. Thoroughly rinse the fire glass until all the fire glass has been cleansed.

    4. Set aside the fire glass to allow them to completely dry, making sure there is no moisture leftover. For your safety, it is extremely crucial that there is no water leftover, as the moisture can be a potential hazard that can create concentrated temperatures in the fire glass and cause them to explode.

    The Good Ol’ Switcheroo Tip: For those occasions when you’re prepping for a party and want to freshen up the look of your fire feature, simply switch the top layer of fire glass for the bottom half. This eliminates the cleaning process and is especially convenient when you don’t have time to clean every single piece. Guests won’t even notice a thing.

    Taza Moreno Fire and Water Bowl by Starfire Designs Burner PanRemove small fragmented pieces of glass from the burner pan.

    5. Sweep up and properly dispose of any small, fragmented pieces leftover in the burner pan into the recycling. Be sure to conceal the broken pieces securely inside a box or wrapped up and taped inside newspaper sheets to help Recycling and Reclamation Sorters recycle the material.

    Tip: Maintaining fire glass is as easy as dusting it regularly on a weekly basis. This allows for a shipshape, gleaming focal point even when the flames aren’t in use. And if you have an outdoor fire feature that is exposed to the elements like leaves and branches, sheltering your fire glass and burner with a burner cover or a vinyl cover will go a long way in keeping your fire glass continuously sparkling.

    6. Once your gas fire pit or fireplace burner is cleaned up and the fire glass is completely dry, get ready to enjoy your fire feature's flames! Again, for your safety, it is important to examine and ensure that the fire glass is completely done drying before reapplying them back into the burner pan.

    Taza Moreno Fire and Water Bowl by Starfire Designs with Emerald BeadsClearing the burner pan is the perfect opportunity to swap out your existing fire glass for a different style.

    Tip: Clearing the burner pan and cleaning your fire glass is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your fire feature. Swap the glass out for a different style or mix and match them with another color for a refresher. If you plan on switching them for a different style, simply store the fire glass away until the next time you're ready to reuse them.

    Whether fire glass already exists in your home or whether you are considering them for an upgrade, glass is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send a message on the live chat, call 866-578-8538 to speak with one of our helpful staff members, or connect with us via our contact form. We are more than happy to help you achieve that perfect, cozy ambiance to revive and reignite your business or home.

    Main Image: 30" Taza Moreno Fire and Water Bowl by Starfire Designs


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