5 Ways to Upgrade Your Fire Pit

Every household has one focal point that brings their entire outdoor arrangement together. This could be a variety of backyard essentials, but often it has been found that the fire pit is the true star of any open-air setting. As the sun begins to descend, family and friends slowly but surely gather around the fire to admire its wonder and build warm and joyful fireside memories. 

With so many homes now complementing their space with their very own fiery centerpiece, how will you set yours apart from the rest? We're giving you the tools and the inside scoop on the most attractive and functional ways to enhance your fire pit. These upgrades don't only focus on the look of your piece, but also its practicality. If you're ready to take your fire pit from a dime a dozen to a dazzling display, read on. 

Fire Glass

Fire GlassCustom fire pit with 1/4" Rose Gold Reflective Fire Glass by Starfire Glass.

This is one of our absolute must-have upgrades. Fire glass is a fantastic and incredibly simple way to customize any fire feature. This type of fire media camouflages your burner while emitting tons of luster even when your fire pit is unlit. With various shapes and sizes to choose from, it’s a cinch to give your flame major appeal. Reflective fire glass is especially luxurious-looking since the light is mirrored off the surface in more ways than one, creating a stunning glow day or night. Not to mention there are endless amounts of color options to match your color scheme. Have more than one color in mind? Browse some of our pre-mixed fire glass blends or purchase more than one hue to create your own combination. If you're wondering how much fire glass is the right amount for your fire pit, we have our very own handy fire glass calculator to assist you. Watch the video below for even more fire glass facts.

Decorative Vents

Decorative VentsFire pit with Starfire Designs Decorative Arbor Fire Pit Venting Panel.

If you're after an upgrade that has a subtler flair, try trading in your ordinary fire pit vent with something more ornate. Starfire Designs offers a line of stylish vents, so you can customize your fire feature without being boisterous. For propane fire pits, ventilation is a necessary safety precaution. Propane gas is heavier than air, so it can sink to the bottom of the cabinet and become trapped. If a spark hits the stored gas or the heat inside the pit becomes too high, the gas could catch fire and cause major damage. Luckily, installation for these patterned panels is a breeze and the venting is crafted from stainless steel to ensure your enjoyment for years to come. Improving the air flow to your fire pit never looked so chic. 

Wind Guards

Wind GuardsFire table with Round Tempered Glass Wind Guard.

This type of fire pit accessory doesn't just enhance the elegance of your piece, but also maintains the fierceness of your flame. Strong winds will try their hardest to fan your burn into oblivion. With a wind guard, your fire thrives while providing consistent heat from every side of the feature. Every wind guard is designed to allow a limited amount of air in through the bottom (this feeds the fire), which then circulates out through the top. The tempered glass structure of this shield not only withstands the heat but retains its integrity despite outside elements. 

Flame Accents

Fire AccentsFire Pit Art fire pit with 20" Desert Sticks Ornament Set.

Now that your flame is under control, here's another upgrade to boost your burn appeal. Flame accents, or fire pit ornaments, are decorative shapes and other embellishments that can be placed atop your fire media to achieve a unique fill to your flame. The Outdoor Plus has an array of these attractive pieces that add a reflective gleam to your feature. The best part is that there is little to no installation required. Browse our selection of these fire baubles to attain your own glamorous, relaxing, or even daring ambiance. 

Ignition Systems

Burner IgnitionsGrand Effects Legacy Fire Pit with AWEIS connection.

Upgrading the ignition system of your fire pit can lend much ease to entertaining and operation. This is a terrific way to keep your outdoor experience cozy and inviting with the push of a button. The most popular built-in ignition systems are manual match lit, electric, and push-button methods. Igniting your fire feature manually is all fine and dandy until you burn off a few arm hairs. Like the procedure you see used to light patio heaters, the push-button or spark ignition can be installed to replace the ole manual lighting technique. Another brilliant ignition upgrade would be the All Weather Electric Ignition System (AWEIS). As told by the name, any flame created by an AWEIS ignition can withstand strong winds, heavy rain, and even snow. This option is also ideal for fire pits small to large, as it is compact but can still provide optimal outdoor heating up to a whopping 512,000 BTUs. As if it didn't sound superlative already, the fact that you can control it with a remote or switch puts it over the top as the most functional and user-friendly ignition out there. 

Now that you've heard how easy it is to upgrade your fire pit, let's make your dream a reality! Browse any of these topics on our website for endless amounts of improvements for not only your fire feature, but your entire home. If you're still unsure which upgrade is right for you, contact us by phone at (866) 578-8538, fill out this simple form, or live chat us on our website. Your fire pit will be the center of attention in no time. 

Header Image: Boreal Complete Heat Linear Gas Fire Pit Table with Outdoor LED Light Strips and Liner Tempered Glass Wind Guard from Outdoor Greatroom Co.


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