Be Eco-Friendly. Be EcoSmart.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding the time to make conscientious purchases can be nearly impossible. We’ve all heard about global warming, and definitely do want to leave the world in a better state for future generations, but figuring out how we can individually help achieve that isn’t an easy task. And as someone interested in fire products, you may also struggle with your desire to be eco-friendly while also enjoying the comforts and ambiance of a fire pit, fire table, or fire bowl. We’re happy to provide a solution to both of those conundrums in the form of one very special brand—EcoSmart Fire.


What is Bioethanol e-NRG Fuel?

EcoSmart's bioethanol burners are sleek and look stunning when paired with fire glass or glass charcoal.

The core of EcoSmart’s eco-friendly initiate comes in the form of small bottles of their proprietary bioethanol fuel, e-NRG. This liquid fuel is plant-based, created by fermenting and distilling sugars and starch from plants, such as corn or sugarcane.

In addition to its plant-based composition, this unique fuel type has other great eco-friendly benefits. Burning e-NRG fuel produces no smoke, no soot, no ash, and causes little to no odor—unlike traditional gas fire features. This bioethanol fuel produces heat, steam, and carbon dioxide as it burns, but carbon dioxide levels are so low that it’s safe to install your fire feature indoors if you choose to. Additionally, the carbon dioxide that is produced is reabsorbed by plants, creating a perfect carbon neutral cycle.


Utilizing e-NRG Fuel in EcoSmart Fire Features

Because of their many sizes, EcoSmart's bioethanol burners are incredibly versatilejust check out this fire and water feature!

EcoSmart’s wide selection of fire pits, fire tables, and fire bowls are nearly all available for use with bioethanol fuel. Were it not for the specialized burner bioethanol features require, it’d be nearly impossible to tell the difference between them and their gas counterparts. With ultra-modern silhouettes as well as multiple concrete finishes, EcoSmart’s fire features are easy to combine with existing outdoor décor or leave standalone as a statement piece. For an extra dose of eco-friendly design, EcoSmart’s teak fire features add texture while utilizing a more sustainable wood.

The Flex series by EcoSmart comes in a variety of sizes and option combinations, such as this Left Corner Fireplace Insert.

And let’s not forget the indoor fire features! EcoSmart’s e-NRG fuel can be used in their specially designed indoor burners, which can be purchased individually for custom built-in fireplaces, or housed within pre-built fireplace units. These Flex Fireplaces are available in every combination and size you can think of—from single-sided fireplace inserts with a faux log storage area to freestanding peninsula fireplace inserts that conveniently connect between two conjoined spaces. Their powder-coated steel bodies are sleek in a black finish, and like the fire pits, can be blended into your interior design or stand out as the focal piece—whichever you prefer.

For both outdoor and indoor fire features, fueling is as easy as opening your e-NRG bottle and pouring it into the burner. And with the right components, e-NRG fuel can be used in other compatible liquid fuel burners, if perhaps you opt for another brand’s fire feature. Be sure your burner is liquid fuel compatible, not to be confused with gel fuel. Gel fuels can be eco-friendly, too, but their thick texture will destroy your liquid bioethanol burner—like putting diesel in a gasoline fueled car.


Why EcoSmart Stands Out from Other Eco-Friendly Brands

Never be limited by hoses and fuel lines again! Bioethanol burners can be installed in so many ways.

Though still an emerging technology, eco-friendly fuels are available from multiple brands. In most cases this comes simply in the form of electricity—electric fireplaces are increasingly common, especially in homes that are chimney-less and unable to utilize gas fuels. But unlike electricity, which requires connection to the electric grid or a gas-fueled generator, bioethanol fuel is dependent on absolutely nothing outside of itself. With one bottle of e-NRG fuel and a single match you’ll be able to enjoy light and heat for hours.

In addition to the dependability of bioethanol in dire situations, or even just when desiring to go off-grid, EcoSmart’s design and quality is unparalleled. Each fire feature is elegantly designed and crafted of materials meant to both look good and withstand the test of time. While some brands may opt for plastics and haphazardly packed concrete, EcoSmart products are primarily made of powder coated steel, stainless steel, and their superior quality, proprietary Fluid™ Concrete.


How Starfire Participates in the Eco-Friendly Movement

The flames of this n-NRG burner show off the beautiful orange glow of an ambient fire.

We love EcoSmart’s devotion to protecting the environment, and are eagerly looking forward to more fire fanatics embracing this plant-based liquid fuel. If you’re someone who’s onboard the eco-friendly train, but can’t make a fire feature purchase, there are still plenty of small ways you can make a positive impact.

Here at Starfire HQ, we’ve switched out most of our commercial trash bins with recycling bins, recycling as much shipping material as possible. Check with your local waste management to see what they accept for recycling—you’ll be surprised at how much can be reused! We utilize smart thermostats, which we have running only during office hours, and always set at an energy efficient 78 degrees. If 78 is too warm for you, as low as 70 degrees is ok, too. Perhaps our biggest commitment was to move paperless. Our teams work online as much as possible, emailing and sharing links to digital documents, reducing the need for printing. Opting into paperless billing and notifications with your bank and other similar institutes is a great way to reduce your paper waste, too.


We’re Here to Help

Paired with chairs, sofas, and sectionals an e-NRG fueled EcoSmart fire feature will become the hot spot of every gathering.

We encourage you to consider bioethanol fuel for your next fire feature! This eco-friendly liquid fuel is the future of fire, and we’re excited to assist you in picking the perfect fire feature for your space. If you have questions about bioethanol, or have questions about any other product, please reach out to our helpful staff at 866-578-8538, live chat us, or fill out our contact us form. We look forward to helping you!

Main Image: Surrounded by lush greenery, EcoSmart fire pits make for a relaxing urban getaway.


Emily Lozano