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EcoSmart Fire | ENRG.G.4

e-nrg Ethanol Fuel

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Stock up on EcoSmart E-NRG Ethanol Fuel bottles you need! It is a completely portable fuel source for ventless fire features & environmentally green.

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Ethanol fuel fireplaces are becoming more mainstream and this box of e-NRG Ethanol Fuel lets you stock up on the bottles you need. e-NRG Ethanol Fuel burns bright and clean without the smoke or mess. Environmentalists like it because It's a green product made from renewable resources.

e-NRG fuel is easy to use in many types of fireplaces, and is a safe, portable fuel source for a ventless indoor fireplace. It's certified by government agencies for indoor use. This fuel is approved for ventless fireplaces because it burns without soot and smoke, only producing heat and steam.

Purchases of this fuel up to 19 gallons will be shipped in quart sized containers. Purchases of this fuel of 20 gallons or more will be shipped in gallon sized containers.

Here at Starfire Direct we offer a wide variety of ethanol fireplaces and accessories. Bioethanol fuel does require attention to handling and storage. e-NRG fuel should be kept in its original containers and stored in a cool, dry place. It isn't too different than other fuels, so also keep it away from children, animals, and open flames.

If you have questions about e-NRG Ethanol Fuel, contact our customer service representatives by email at or by phone at 866-578-8538.


ManufacturerEcoSmart Fire
fuel Ethanol/Gel
location Indoor/Outdoor
quick ship Yes

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