An ethanol & gel fireplace doesn’t require a chimney or any massive installation, nor does it emit any dangerous fumes. Using ethanol keeps your fireplace tidy so you can relax and focus on the beauty of your new fireplace, without fretting over cleanup. The Starfire Direct collection of ethanol fuel fireplaces includes:

Ethanol Fireboxes and Burners

Our line of ethanol fireboxes and burners are 100% adaptable to a variety of indoor and outdoor fireplace setups. Each burner is specially designed to protect your fireplace from fuel leaks and overfueling, allowing you to feel safe and in control when “building” a fire.

Ethanol Freestanding Fireplaces

Great for commercial or residential use, the ethanol freestanding fireplaces add warmth and beauty to any space. These efficient and convenient ethanol fuel fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the room, allowing for maximum design freedom. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, restaurant, or resort, our ethanol freestanding fireplaces offer numerous options so that you can select the best fit for your needs. 

Ethanol Wall Mounted Fireplaces

These fireplaces double as works of art, adding sophisticated beauty into any room of the house. Ethanol fuel fireplaces are also very convenient, and don’t require the stress of hooking up a chimney or finding a gas line. You’ll love the freedom of beautiful wall mounted fireplaces.

Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces

Bring the party outside with an ethanol fuel fireplace! Gentle on the environment, they provide an easy alternative to more traditional outdoor fireplaces. These sleek and modern designs ensure a beautiful look to complement your outdoor design.

Fuel and Accessories

When it comes to your fireplace, you’ll want the essential tools and fuel to keep your fire burning bright. We save you a trip to the store by offering numerous ethanol fireplace inserts and accessories all in one easy, online location. Whether you’re looking for fuel or a fire cover, you’re sure to find all the necessary equipment through Starfire Direct.

Plus many more!

An ethanol fuel fireplace can be a great way to gather family and friends to enjoy a warm and cozy night in. For more information on how to get your ethanol fuel fireplace installed, visit our contact page here. We’ll find the perfect setup for your home.