Bi-Ethanol Fire Places — The Way To Go


It is a fact that everybody wants his or her home to feel warm, cozy, and inviting. It is due to this very fact that fire places have become common phenomena in a majority of homes. These fireplaces have over the years taken over as the most preferred home addition device. This popularity has acted as an incentive, which has enabled fireplace designers to push the creativity envelope in order to produce a range of aesthetically spectacular and functionally superior fireplaces.

At the peak of this innovative brilliance is the bi-ethanol fireplace which has risen in popularity over the last few years. Other than been easy to install and been fully customizable, bi-ethanol fireplaces are powered by clean alcohol and do not require any chimneys to remove unwanted gases. Any fireplace expert will tell you that in a world that is keen on going green, such a fireplace is a welcome relief.

The truth is, no matter what quantity of ethanol is used to fuel these fire places; they don’t produce heavy pollution laden smoke. The ethanol is converted into moisture during ignition, something that is harmless to the environment. Some critics have argued that the combustion of alcohol in the bi-ethanol fire places may produce Carbon dioxide, but solid research has established that the quantity produced is virtually harmless.

Another thing that has fuelled popularity of bi-ethanol fire places is their simplicity. These fire places are easy to operate since they have been made with the user in mind. This simplicity is a welcome relief for users who are tired of the complicated tasks involved with wood burning fire places. These users can now put away the axe and forget about the endless search for firewood. With bi-ethanol fire places, it only requires little effort to get them running.

The tasks involved in lighting bio-ethanol fireplaces is to pour the liquid ethanol to the container vessel and then proceed to safely ignite it with a specially designed lighter. Ethanol is an economical choice since half a litre of liquid ethanol can be used for up to five hours. This, coupled with the fact that it is easy to put out the fire with a specially designed snuffer, makes bi-ethanol fire places, the best fire place available.

These fireplaces have being designed to match well with the themes and design of the home making them a good aesthetical addition. So, if you are thinking of buying a fire place, then you might as well consider getting a bi-ethanol fire place.


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