Vast Array of Fire Pits to Create Your Unique Outdoor Ambiance


From the moment of its discovery, humanity has been fascinated by fire. In the beginning, it was a dire necessity for warmth, cooking and even warding off predators. Through the centuries, technology slowly phased out a great deal of the need for fire, largely replacing it with electricity. Despite these advancements, residential fireplaces continue to offer heat and ambiance to those who prefer the warm glow of a fire over the dull, unimaginative roar of a heating vent.

Those who enjoy spending time outdoors once built rudimentary fire rings composed of random stones found nearby, creating an area in which to enjoy the enchantment of fire while preventing it from spreading and becoming a hazard. Eventually, some even began using their charcoal grills in the same manner. This idea has been continually improved upon, leading to the vast array of fire pits now available to the world.

Fire Pit Options

Among the simplest and least expensive options is the lightweight portable fire pit. The majority of these are wood burning, providing the warmth and crackling effect of a relaxing campfire, which can be placed anywhere the owner desires. These versions are available in numerous sizes, designs and finishes, including aged or rubbed bronze as well as basic black iron. While they work well for backyard gatherings, they can easily be taken along on camping trips or transported to summertime beach parties.

For the same effect without the effort required to keep a wood fire burning, some opt for a propane in a modern fire pit. Like their more basic counterparts, these models are offered in a wide selection of designs from rustic to highly contemporary as well as tables with the fire nestled in the center. Once limited by their need for a permanent gas line to fuel the fire, a modern fire pit utilizes a hidden propane tank. These models offer greater flexibility in placement as well as their own degree of portability. They can be coordinated with a set of patio furniture to pull together the look of an outdoor entertaining space.

Customizable Fire Pits

Some desire a more tailored look and feel; for those, customized fire pits can be built to their own specifications. Typically operating on natural gas, this type of modern fire pit is intended to be a more permanent fixture. While conventional metal is available for customizable options, many choose to venture into concrete or stone construction. Alternatives such as these are widely used for hotels, resorts and restaurants; however, they make an equally elegant addition to a home patio. Although they cost considerably more to build and install, for homeowners who spend a great deal of time entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, they are well worth the investment.

Due to their price and convenience, many are drawn to the elementary wood burning alternatives, but numerous homeowners reach for the middle ground with a more expensive gas burning bowl or modern fire pit table fed by a hidden propane tank. Though traditional lava rock is a popular medium for these, a growing number of people are trending toward fire glass because of its elegance and variety of available colors.

Whether creating a romantic dining area for a high end restaurant or building a unique outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fire pit adds the perfect touch of beauty and warmth. With both portable and permanent models available in a selection of styles, sizes, materials and prices, the design possibilities are endless.


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