Top 10 Hidden Gems

When it comes to online shopping, there are so many products to browse through that you simply can’t see everything. In such cases, it’s inevitable to overlook really unique or clever items. To help ease that fear of missing out, we’ve picked some hidden gems in our store that we think are worth a glance.


Breton Fire Pit

Breton Fire PitBreton Fire Pit in Gray by Real Flame

Industrial and modern, this wood-burning Real Flame fire pit is the perfect size for an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family. Its simple appearance complements many design styles, and its affordable price tag places it at the top of our list.


Marshmallow Roasting Stick

Fire Pit Art S'mores Roasting StickMarshmallow Roasting Stick by Fire Pit Art

Everyone knows that s’mores are a campfire favorite. This beautiful accessory adds a little extra flair to the otherwise humble task of making them. Hand-crafted of steel wire and featuring a Rosewood handle, this roasting stick beautifully toasts your marshmallows to perfection.


Vega-L Umbrella Light

Vega-L Umbrella LightVega-L Umbrella Light in Black by Treasure Garden

It’s the little things that make all the difference. When you’re enjoying your time outdoors-- wrapped in a warm blanket as the cool evening air kisses your cheeks-- being able to see is kind of important. This rechargeable LED light attaches to your umbrella to provide ample nighttime lighting.


Steel Log Ornament Set

Steel Modern Fire Pit Logs18" Steel Log Ornament Set by The Outdoor Plus

Wood burning fire pits create a unique atmosphere that is darn near impossible to replicate. But luckily for bonfire lovers whose homes are set up for gas, or for those who are striving to be eco-friendly, this ornament set offers a modern twist on classic logs.


Venus 2-In-1 Lantern

Venus 2-in-1 LanternVenus 2-In-1 Lantern by Anywhere Fireplace

Ambient lighting is a growing craze and is easy to add to your outdoor space. This little lantern is designed to be used with either an ethanol fuel can, or with a classic candle, both offering a relaxing and warm glowAdd just one for a subtle look, or multiple for more impact.


Stahl Wood Burning Fire Pit

Stahl Fire Pit30" Stahl Wood Burning Fire Pit by Stahl

Modern and stylish, this fire pit is relatively small but provides an inspiring center for your gatherings. It is non-welded and consists of five steel pieces, allowing it to be easily transported with you wherever your evenings lead.


Wings of Flight Log Holder

Wings of Flight Log HolderWings of Flight Log Holder by Fire Pit Art

The perfect accent to your wood burning fire pit, this log holder is an impactful architectural focal point. Made of weathering carbon steel, this practical accessory ages gracefully to become a one-of-a-kind addition to your outdoor space. We love its rustic and industrial style.


Pavo End Table

Pavo Bird Leg End TablePavo End Table by Urbia

A quirky addition to your indoor space, this accent table makes a statement. Though somewhat understated and simple, it’s sure to be a conversation starter and we think it might be easier to pair with your existing décor than you’d initially expect.


Pizza Lovers Starter Kit

Pizza Lovers Starter KitPizza Lovers Starter Kit by Napoleon

For the chef who loves to entertain, and even for the grill master looking for something new, this pizza kit is a hit. It includes all the essentials for grilling a pizza on, you guessed it, your grill. Instead of prepping your pizza and cooking it in the oven indoors, make it an outdoor event.


Large SoftWeave Hammock

SoftWeave HammockLarge SoftWeave Hammock by Pawleys Islands Hammocks

Hammocks are, in essence, designed to be relaxing and incredibly comfortable. This Pawleys Island hammock takes your staycation to a whole new level with its ultra-soft fabric weave and subdued colors. Put this hammock in a quiet corner of your yard and you’ll have the best nap of your life.


So, what did you think? We hope we were able to provide you with a surprising new find, or the inspiration to dig deeper in our catalog to find something special for you and your home. For more details on the products highlighted above, and for assistance selecting the right products for your indoor and outdoor spaces, our staff can be reached via phone at (866) 578-8538 and messaged through our live chat feature.

Main Image: Wings of Flight Log Holder by Fire Pit Art


Emily Lozano