The Beauty of Outdoor Fire Pits

You can help elevate and improve your relationship with your backyard by adding or upgrading your outdoor fire pit. Fire pits and fireplaces are quickly becoming a common gathering place for family and friends on these cool winter evenings and nights. It’s not only homes that are enjoying the benefits of these social hot spots – restaurants, taverns, coffee shops, and even hotels are taking advantage of the warmth and comfort provided by fire pits and fireplaces. Outdoor fire pits are a great way to stay warm while enjoying the crisp night air and the starry night sky, and is quite reminiscent of a campfire.

Outdoor fire pits, though, have many other uses and benefits that might not be immediately obvious. For instance, the quality of human interaction multiplies and grows to new levels. The warm glow and the dancing flames have a therapeutic affect and are often times quite hypnotizing, catching and holding our gaze for ever increasing amount of time. Fire pits truly make your outdoor gathering places far more sociable, attracting friends and neighbors.

Well-made fire pits and fireplaces don’t require that you block off massive sections of your yard, patio or deck in order to stay warm. There’s something about bundling up with a jacket and sitting next to a warm, crackling fire that sooths and comforts. The dancing light and radiating warmth does a tremendous part in fighting off the long, cold nights of winter. The experience of gathering around a fire with friends or family is on a level of its own – one that is always welcomed.

Another great benefit of outdoor fire pits is that, with the correct accessories, is that they can be used for cooking. Not only is cooking outdoors fun, but doing it on something other than a traditional BBQ is a different and new experience, and quite useful during the occasional power outage we’re all prone to. Cooking indoors can be quite complicated if you don’t have any electricity to power the appliances we all take for granted.

Portable fire pits offer an entirely different level of experience. Portable fire pits are basically exactly what it sounds like – a fire pit that is completely self-contained and capable of being moved from one local to another rather easily. The portable option of outdoor fire pits is quite nice when you can’t quite decide where to put a permanent one, or don’t want to go through the work of having one permanently installed.

There are a good deal of benefits to outdoor fire pits, from opening your back yard up to comfortable socializing during the cold, crisp nights to providing a back-up cooking spot for the occasional power outage. These days, outdoor fire pits are becoming nearly as popular as indoor fireplaces, and are providing similar benefits.

It’s difficult to compare outdoor fire pits to indoor fireplaces, as they are two completely different things designed for completely different environments and uses – it’s kind of like comparing apples and oranges. Despite this, you’ll still hear some people talking about how outdoor pits are better than indoor fireplaces – but this really boils down to personal preference. There are benefits for both, but this post is all about outdoor fire pits. For more information on indoor fireplaces and fire options, be sure to check out the rest of our blog posts.


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