Patio Furniture for April Showers

Throughout the country folks are continuing the age-old fight against the cold and harsh winter weather. Here in normally sunny Southern California, we’ve been facing record breaking rains and storms that have finally brought about the end to our seven-year drought. The inclement weather isn’t over yet, but the average temperature is finally getting warm enough that we’re craving more time outdoors. How do we spend time outside when we have these on-and-off-again storms? Patio furniture that is specially designed to resist water, that’s how!

Why All-Weather Resin?

The Nottingham collection by Ratana offers a bright and warm multi-toned resin wicker.

There are a variety of materials ideal for use in the outdoors, such as stainless steel and aluminum, but faux-Rattan is one that we’re excited to see continue to grow in popularity year after year. Traditional Rattan is a fibrous plant material that is commonly weaved into the well-known Wicker style and is great for use indoors. In modern times you’ll find that the majority of the Wicker style patio furniture is made of a synthetic Rattan-looking material, most frequently Resin, which is more resiliant than the organic plant version. This outdoor grade faux Rattan is sometimes called All-Weather Wicker, or even All-Weather Resin.

Why call it All-Weather? Well, Resin is highly resistant to all the things you expect furniture to face when used outside. It is durable against the routine use and wear of seated family, friends, and playful tots, fade resistant against the harsh summer sun, and water resistant against spring showers and winter snow. Due to these wonderful traits, Resin is exceptionally low maintenance, requiring little more than a few minutes of simple washing with a mild detergent and water when you notice a bit of undesirable dirt, dust, or oil. Talk about minimal upkeep.

Versatile in Design

Modern style and Wicker Resin make a bold statement in Ratana’s Cape Town series.

Resin Wicker is available in an endless offering of patterns, hues, and colors so you’re sure to find the combination that speaks to you and completes your space. From a cool gray with uniform weaving to a warm brown with braiding along the edges, Wicker can be styled any way you can imagine. Modern, traditional, cottage, and transitional-- All-Weather Resin does it all.

In addition to the versatility of the Resin itself, this outdoor Wicker can be perfectly paired with other materials for a stunning fusion of textures. Our favorite mix is All-Weather Resin with Aluminum. Like Resin, Aluminum stands up impressively against the harsh weather and comes in a variety of finishes. By combining these two great materials, Ratana has developed the contemporary Cape Town series, and we’re kind of obsessed. Even if you’re not keen on the modern style, you can mix your Resin furniture with Aluminum tables in your style choice for a nice mash-up.

Accent Items

Kaleen rugs are perfect for you and your furry best friend.

All-Weather Resin patio furniture is fantastic for every season, but it especially shines during the wet spring season. To accompany any furniture piece, though, you’ll want exceptionally comfy cushions, some tranquil shade, and maybe even a little something underfoot to allow you to sit back, kick off your shoes, and fully relax.

Rugs are an easy way to complete an outdoor space, bringing each piece you’ve carefully selected into a welcoming focal point. Outdoor rugs have gotten better and better over the years, and appearance wise come in variations that look just as good as any indoor rug. Some companies, such as Kaleen, have even perfected the art of the indoor-outdoor rug. These rugs are made with a material that is ideal for withstanding the outdoor weather, but they also feature patterns, designs, and textures that make them perfectly suited for inside your home.

Similarly, umbrellas and cushions come in a wide selection of textures and colors, and there is a myriad of fabric brands that resist fading, water, and other extreme weather. The leader in these types of fabrics is Sunbrella, which works with many brands such as OW Lee, Galtech, Treasure Garden, Jardinico, and Shademaker. In your fabric search you’ll likely see lots of brands claiming water and fade resistance, but few carry the impressive 5 to 10-year warranty that Sunbrella includes. Along with their warranty, Sunbrella offers every hue, pattern, and texture you could ever imagine, making it easy to find the perfect cushion and umbrella for your outdoor space.

The Possibilities

Cool gray weaving pairs with a braid-like edge to create the unique Isola Island look by Ratana.

Spending time outdoors after an extended period of time stuck indoors is something we relish every spring season. Once the snow has melted and the flora is finally coming back to life, relaxing in your yard is a true delight. Having patio furniture that bounces back from those unexpected April showers is a convenience not lost on us. All-Weather Resin in the Wicker style continues to be a favorite style of ours, and we hope to see it continue to grow in popularity this season.

For more details on the Ratana Wicker furniture highlighted, as well as the umbrellas and rugs mentioned, give our helpful Sales team a call at (866) 578-8538, live chat us online, or contact us here. We look forward to helping you select the perfect rain-resistance furniture and accents for your space!

Main Image: The thick wicker look of the Boston collection by Ratana combines with subtle aluminum accents for a stunning design.


Emily Lozano