O.W. Lee Fire Pits are the Cream of the Crop


Since time immemorial, human beings have gathered around fires. As you go backward in time, you find people meeting around the fireside out of necessity, for warmth, to cook, for light and for survival. Mankind would not have survived, let alone thrived, without fire.

Move forward in time, and you find people leaving their tents and RVs to gather around campfires as a social activity, charring hot dogs, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. Many people look back on such experiences as some of the best in their lives. Therefore, it should be no surprise to find more and more people choosing to expand their indoor living space into their outdoor landscapes, grooming their lawns and gardens with Koi ponds, brick patios and comfortable O.W. Lee patio furniture and fire pits. Today, families congregate after school and work around a fire pit table in the casual elegance of a deliberately planned outdoor environment, where the ice clinks in the glasses, the conversation and laughter rises and falls and the sumptuous smell of grilling steaks wafts through the air. The flame from the Santorini fire pit flickers across the faces of those gathered and everyone present, whether they realize it or not, are forming memories that they shall never forget. Such is the power of fire to unite people!

An outdoor fire pit, when carefully positioned in a backyard with pleasing landscape plantings and perhaps a fountain making a musical splash cycling water, is the final ingredient necessary in order to have all four classical elements present in one environment: earth, air, water and fire. With the sky for a ceiling, the earth with its plants and trees all around, the sound of water spilling in the background and the ambiance of your propane fire pit’s dancing flames, you have managed to create what one of the most relaxing atmospheres possible outside of a spa!

Once you’re on board with the decision to transform your home’s outdoor gathering area, one of the first tasks with which you’ll be faced is that of selecting a fire pit. Take your time and sort through your options carefully so you’ll be completely pleased with the end result. The possibilities are numerous: propane or wood? Fire glass or lava rock? Stone, steel or copper? How large should your fire pit be? Should you purchase coordinating outdoor furniture and accessories to go with it? Fire pit tables are rapidly growing in popularity as they add both beauty and functionality to the fire pit. Patio furniture is another important consideration. Shape, color, and style are all important factors. O.W. Lee patio furniture is a particularly popular choice.

You’ll find fire pits that you can cook on, those that are portable, and many that truthfully are simply outstanding works of art in their own right and which will add warmth and elegance, as well as value, to your home. If, in addition to appearance, quality of workmanship and longevity are assets you price, you should give serious attention to O. W. Lee patio furniture and fire pits, for they’re some of the most outstanding items available on the market today, and will not disappoint. Every one of their fire pits is guaranteed to satisfy all of your dreams and to provide you wonderful memory making opportunities well into the foreseeable future!


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