My Starfire Sanctuary

Working as an eCommerce Specialist at Starfire Direct has some great perks. For instance, every day I get to browse through a bounty of inspirational products. The work we do requires deep familiarity with the details and qualities of our offerings, so it's difficult not to daydream about which fire feature would look great in my own back yard, or imagine the elaborate pizza I could create with one of those spiffy outdoor pizza ovens! One day when my inventory tasks were done, I decided to assemble my favorite elements and design my own ideal outdoor retreat. I was excited about the result, so I thought I'd share it with you.

These days there is a lot of design-hype about Mid-Century Modern and I must admit, as a Gen-X kid, I am drawn to it. This stuff has great nostalgic appeal. Turns out those designers said a lot with very little: just clean, pleasing lines and a no-fuss attitude. To think my mother was happy to see it go! As tech took over in the arena of progress, another style began to leak into the public's sentimental consciousness right alongside it. Once considered rough and unappealing, industrial elements like exposed pipes and concrete surfaces began to make their way into popular décor. These days you encounter both Industrial Design and Mid-Century Modern wherever fine furniture is sold. And Starfire Direct is no exception. Maybe that's why my outdoor retreat is Mid-Century-Industrial!

Pictured left to right: Colinas Charcoal Indoor/Outdoor Rug by Kaleen, Lumen Fire Pit by Brown Jordan

As soon as I encountered the Lumen Fire Pit by Brown Jordan I knew it would set the tone for my outdoor scene. Of the two available shades, "Bronze" fit best with my vision. Two of these earthy, lantern-type fire pits would serve as the gateway for my modern oasis. Once you pass through these dancing fires, your scattered thoughts will collect into ordered lists. Powered entirely by bioethanol, there are no hoses or visible connections disturbing the pits's clean lines. The Lumen is eco-friendly, and will not produce ash or soot, leaving you to enjoy the warmth of a 5,800 BTU flame without breathing in all the smoke.

For comfort underfoot, I built my retreat upon the Colinas Charcoal Indoor/Outdoor Rug by Kaleen. This rug is handmade in India from jute and felted wool. Its naturally woven fibers never distract from the peaceful vibe of the scene and bring a touch of indoor refinement outside. And besides, in this sanctuary, shoes are optional.

Pictured left: Monaco Outdoor Club Chairs by Real Flame, Right: Calvin Two Seat Rocker by Real Flame

My ideal space is not inclined to match exactly. Instead, eclectic elements should share a theme, complement each other rather than mimic. I am drawn to the Monaco Chairs in Brushed Antique White by Real Flame for the brushed finish and angular, rust-resistant aluminum frame. The neutral fabric covering deep mold-resistant foam cushions offers subtle, but insistent, contrast. Real Flame sells this chair in a set of two. If the size of your area allows, you might use both chairs, but I'd like to mix up the seating by adding the Calvin Two Seat Rocker for a touch of warmth. This rocker maintains the industrial gray, angular metal theme, but softens it with a wicker seat and back that echoes the neutral shades of the Monaco Chair.

Pictured left to right: Horizon Outdoor Table by Brown Jordan, Lexington Tabletop Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace, Equinox Fire Pit by Brown Jordan

I am a sucker for a big, clean surface. That's why my choice for an outdoor table is the Horizon Outdoor Table by Brown Jordan. Brown Jordan is known for their fire products so I was surprised to come across this strong statement piece. I must admit to being torn between the Natural, Graphite, Rust, and Bone finishes but I settled on Natural to avoid too much contrast. Brown Jordan designed this table as a modular element to add usable space to their Equinox, Flo, and Solstice Fire Pits. Choosing between these models is difficult but I especially like the Equinox for its ample table surface and unusual configuration.

Because I enjoy the animation of fire, I would place the Lexington Tabletop Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace on the Horizon Table. Flame draws in the gaze and occupies the attention, leaving the imagination free to wander. This tabletop fire feature, which runs on gel fuel, is a perfect oval of smooth stainless steel. Its austere appearance provides an ideal backdrop for orange and yellow flames.

The multi-functional Look Stool/Side Table by Brown Jordan can function as an accent table, stool, or footrest.

As a smaller side surface, the Look Stool/Side Table by Brown Jordan serves to support a glass, a book, or even a guest passing by. Available in Bone, Graphite, Natural, and rust like the Horizon Outdoor Table, one or two of these pieces serves to fill out the edges of our space.

An environment such as this, with monochromatic shades of gray and white, benefits from landscaping with hints of vibrant color. Think Scarlet Penstemon and Pyracantha in the western states and Coral Honeysuckle in the east. If you have the right climate, succulents blend wonderfully with Industrial Design because of their smooth leaf structure and muted green hues. A base of gravel with some slate slabs for stepping stones surrounding the retreat enhances the natural vibe and leave your grounds maintenance free.

The Lumen Outdoor Fire Pit by Brown Jordan creates a dramatic silhoutte next to a pool.

This outdoor escape is a clean palette for your imagination and a place where ideas bloom. It is a setting free of maintenance and worry, unencumbered by busy patterns or harsh color. Spending time here is soothing to the senses and tranquil to the mind. Solid, supportive structures help you feel grounded while the Calvin Two Seat Rocker offers movement to help you unwind. Dancing flames with their splash of orange hold your gaze while cares float away. Add natural rock and a few splashes of color in the surrounding foliage and you have a recipe for restfulness.

If you like my outdoor design, feel free to use it in your own yard. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery! * blushes * But I'm sure you have your own creative ideas already brewing. Go ahead and browse the wonderful outdoor offerings at Starfire Direct and create your own perfect retreat. I'd love to see it when you're done! For more design inspiration, feel free to call us at (866) 578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or chat us live on the site.

Main Image: Lumen Fire Pit by Brown Jordan


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