Fire Pits Expand the Use of Outdoor Areas


Homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to expand their living space, and incorporate new ideas for entertaining and relaxing. Currently, one of the largest trends in home improvement is the maximization of outdoor space. Yard spaces are often wasted, seeing little use, and many homeowners see the opportunity to do more. Design experts recognize the potential for under-used yard areas, and routinely suggest homeowners make better use of outdoor space by improving deck or patio areas and installing items like spas, pools and fire pits.

What Fuels Do Fire Pits Use?

Outdoor fire pit fuel options are generally grouped into three types – wood burning, LP fired and natural gas fired. Each fuel type has unique advantages and disadvantages, dependent on the setting and use. For example, not all models can be moved, and installation and maintenance costs vary between fuel types, and even between comparable outdoor fire pit models.

Wood burning fire pits offer the ambiance of a campfire in a contained space. It’s hard to deny the appeal of a crackling, sweet-smelling wood fire. However, not everyone likes to mess with cleaning up after the fire or deal with cutting or buying firewood. However, if you’re after that genuine smoky smell and ambiance, there is no substitute.

Natural gas is a popular option, as a gas fire pit can be easily turned off and on. Natural gas is clean and convenient, and should be considered in areas where service is available. Natural gas is not without its disadvantages, however. First, installing gas lines can be expensive, depending on where the outdoor fire pit is to be located. Second, gas lines mean lack of portability. Once a natural gas fire pit is installed, it must remain in that location.

The last fuel option, LP gas, is arguably the most convenient fuel type for an outdoor fire pit. A propane fire pit is easily moved from place to place, as the fuel is stored in a tank kept in the base of the unit. Many people value having a portable fire pit, as it simplifies cleaning and repairing your patio or outdoor area where the fire pit is used. It also allows the fire pit to be moved to different parts of the property when seasons change or activities vary.

What Styles of Fire Pits Are Available?

Top providers, like Starfire Direct, offer a wide range of options, allowing clients to individualize their fire pits. Model options allow clients to select colors, base materials and finishes that make matching fire pits to home design motifs simple. Custom fire pits can also be ordered for unique spaces or when a very special design element is needed to complete an outdoor living space.

Are Accessories Offered For Fire Pits?

A wide variety of accessories are marketed to enhance fire pits. Perhaps the most popular accessory is an outdoor fire pit table. Fire pit tables allow users to sit near the flame, increasing comfort on cool nights and encouraging people to visit in a truly intimate setting. With the many types of fire pits available, any homeowner should be able to find one that meets their needs. As the trend for spending more time outdoors expands, fire pits will definitely have a place in plans for entertaining or simply enjoying the outdoors.



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