Choosing the Best Fire Glass Important for Safety and Overall Appeal


While there are several companies currently offering fire glass products, choosing the right product improves the chances of long-term satisfaction. Starfire Direct is proud to use American Fire Glass. Using only top quality products is safer, as better processing reduces the hazards during handling and use. Bargain priced products, while appealing, are generally not the best option for consumers.

High quality fire pit glass, like American Fire Glass, is manufactured to exacting standards. When glass is exposed to the heat generated by a gas fireplace or fire pit, poorer quality products may melt or crack. Improperly treated glass may also pop, with pieces flying out of the fireplace or fire pit, presenting a burn or fire hazard. Safety is always a top issue for users, and using a lesser quality product poses a distinct threat to users and surrounding property.

Fireplace glass is produced in a variety of colors, allowing users to create a mood or compliment surrounding furnishings. With quality glass products, including top brands like American Fire Glass, the color is stable and will not change even after repeated heating. Lower quality glass commonly changes color after exposure to the flame, detracting from the overall look users sought to achieve.

A big advantage of fire glass is its inherent ability to radiate heat to the surrounding areas. For consumers seeking to extend the outdoor entertaining season, that extra heat keeps guests comfortable even during cooler seasons. Manufacturers like American Fire Glass use carefully tempered glass, as it easily withstands the extremely high temperatures achieved by today’s fire pits without shattering. Users can be confident using quality fire glass products, even with children or guests seated near the heat.

Companies like Starfire Direct provide consumers with many options to ensure the best color and size of fire glass is available. For most applications, 1/4″ or 1/2″ glass works well, but sizes up to 2″ are available for specialized uses. Blue, green, black and other hues are available. Metallic colors, like copper, are also commonly requested, as the effects of fire on glass are unique when metallic options are selected.

Fire glass is also extensively used to improve interior gas fireplaces. Using the glass provides more heat for the room than typical fireplace gas logs, and the hues from the glass change the feel of the room. Selecting the right color glass can make the tone of the room warmer or more contemporary. Designers are increasingly becoming aware of the subtle effects that are created when using fire glass as a design element.

When using quality glass products, like American Fire Glass, installation is quite simple. Using gloves when handling glass is recommended as some edges may still be sharp enough to cut given the right circumstances.

Homeowners or designers seeking guidance can get advice from the suppliers. Company personnel are available to answer questions about the various products and how they can be best applied to a specific environment, either interior or exterior. They will also provide guides for determining how much glass needs to be ordered for specific fire pits or fireplaces. Choosing the best options goes a long way toward guaranteeing satisfaction with the fire glass selected.


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