Agio Fire Pits: Magic for People of All Ages


Although it may seem difficult for much of America to imagine, the coldest winter in decades is just a few weeks away from the first breath of Spring. People everywhere are thoroughly tired of being cooped up inside because of the unusually bitter winter, and are eagerly looking forward to springtime and outdoor activities. They are getting ready for the warmer weather months by thumbing through vacation catalogs, starting seeds indoors, marking trees that need pruning, raking out flower beds (in places where the snow has melted) and are tuning up their power washers and lawn mowers. Wherever possible they’re thinking, “Out with the old, in with the new” and are more than ready to clear away the debris of winter in order to make way for the new, the green and the growing.

One thing that most folks are more than ready to trade are their winter gatherings around the fireplace and wood stove for the outdoor fire pit in the garden, or beside the pool. Some people have gone the extra lengths to have a permanent fire pit installed, having decided upon the perfect location that they know they’ll never desire to change. Others enjoy moving their portable fire pit about, say, from the patio to the deck to the poolside and back again, and choose to get one of our Agio fire pits.

A quality fire pit, especially a fire glass compatible propane fire pit is simply a magical thing. Portable fire pits range from a “bowl” on a pedestal to portable Agio fire pits complete with table top. Propane burners nestle within the container and are covered, most commonly these days, with a bed of brilliant and sparkling fire rock. Children in particular are enchanted with the wondrous appearance of the flames as they dance spontaneously above glimmering and reflective rock fragments. However children are not the only ones drawn to the fire’s side … teens, too, relish hanging out by the fire pit with their friends, for once willing to abandon their computer games, x-boxes, iPads and the rest of their electronic gadgetry. Perhaps best of all, when when the children have gone to bed, couples, too, draw near their Agio fire pits, perhaps sharing a glass of wine and quietly discussing their days’ events. With a an overhead canopy of moon and stars, the firelight’s flickering glow and the sound of crickets and tree frogs playing in concert, who would not admit to feeling a sense of contentment, and acknowledge that life is, indeed, good?


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