Packed with impressive features, Starfire Designs' Edge fire pits are a popular selection amongst designers. Though minimalist in design, the sleek, clean lines and smooth surface create a gorgeous modern profile perfect for any residential or commercial outdoor living space.

Each Edge fire pit's shell is fully fabricated from solid, high-quality, scratch resistant 304 stainless steel with a non-directional grain finish that ensures a durable and long-lasting investment that can be enjoyed for many years to come. A matching pre-installed chrome key valve adorns the shell for a seamless integration. Threaded balance feet not only support the framework but provide proper ventilation. Unwind fireside as the whistle-free flex line provides for an atmosphere filled with complete relaxation. Resting inside each Edge fire pit's opening is a 304 stainless steel pan and burner that produces a luxuriously warm centerpiece that friends and family will enjoy gathering around. 

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Enhance and beautify your backyard getaway with a perfectly fitting fire pit.

Natural Gas vs. Propane

These Edge fire pits are compatible with NaturalGasor Propane Gasplumbed hardline, orcome in a taller“LPT”version for use with portable propane tanks.

Hard Plumbed Natural Gas or Propane Gas

For homes or commercial installations that have a gas plumbed hard line available, we recommend our 18” tall standard models. These lower profile models offer the below benefits: 

• Lower clearance height

• No fuel refills required

• More permanent than LP  

• No propane tank access door on one side

Portable Liquid Propane Tank (LPT)

If you don't have access to a gas line or you would like a more portable fire pit option, our Edge “LPT” (short for Liquid Propane Tank) Series fire pits come in a 22” tall model. This allows you the ability to use a standard 20lb Liquid Propane Tank that can easily hide inside the Edge fire pit. Plus, these fire pits offer...

• Taller clearance height

• Allows you to use a portable propane tank 

• Access door on one side to easily refill/switch out your propane tank 

Square Edge Series Fire Pits

Available in both 40” and 48”, these square fire pits are an incredible outdoor focal point. Each size iscomesin two heights--18” and 22”, depending on desired fuel.

40"L x40"W x 18"H

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40"L x40"W x 22"H

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48"L x48"W x 18"H

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Rectangle Edge Series Fire Pits

For those looking for a rectangular shape, these fire pits area great choice. The Edgerectanglefire pits are available in 48” x 32” and 60” x 32” -- both in 18” and 22” height options.

48"L x32"W x 18"H

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60"L x32"W x 18"H

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60"L x32"W x 22"H

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72"L x40"W x 18"H

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72"L x40"W x 22"H

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Choose the best available options and accessories to make your fire pit unique to your needs and installation.

Burner System Configurations

The Edge fire pits are available in various ignition options that range from manual match lit, push button, and electronic. We even offer CSA Certified Automated Systems that make the ideal choice for high-end and commercial applications.!

Manual Match Lit

The base level burner system for every Edge fire pit includes a commercial quality Starfire Designs fire ring, which is engineered to last for years comes and give you an impressive, amazing flame.

How to Ignite : Simply turn the key valve that is conveniently placed on the side of your fire pit with one hand, while simultaneously using a long stick lighter to ignite the gas. Once lit, you can adjust the flame to your desired height.

Push Button

All the same benefits of our base level burner system, but with the added convenience of a battery operated push button ignitor! The key valve and ignitor button are strategically placed right next to each other for easy operation.

How to Ignite : Simply turn the key valve on and push the button. This creates a spark on the burner system igniting the flame. Once lit, you can adjust the flame to your desired height.

Electronic Ignition

An absolute must for your Smart Home integration or commercial installation. Adding an electronic ignition eliminates the hassle of manually lighting your fire feature and, more importantly, adds extra levels of safety.

How to Ignite : There are multiple ways such as using a simple wall switch, using a timer so the fire pit shuts off automatically, or our favorite, using the convenience of a mobile app!

Edge Fire Pit Accessories

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It depends which model you choose. The lower 18" models DO NOT hold a propane tank inside, but can be used with a natural gas or propane gas line. The taller 22" "LPT" models DO hold a standard 20lb. BBQ propane tank. There is an access door on these models which allow you to access the tank as needed.

Most installations can be done in less than an hour. Although we always recommend that a licensed professional does your gas hook up, your Edge fire pit ships with a set of instructions with minimal installation required. Assuming your gas and electric utilities are stubbed up and ready to go, all you need to do is set the fire pit over these, hook up the utilities, and connect the burner. Always test first, then place your fire glass or other decorative burner topping over the burner and enjoy!

We are based out of Temecula, California and try to ship every Edge order within 2-4 business days. Most configurations are ready to go, but other special order configurations may require extra time to prepare. Once your order is ready to ship, expect a transit time of 2-7 days, depending on where in the USA you live.

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