Premier Steel Fire Pits: Mill and Edge Series by Starfire Designs

With a plethora of fire features out there, we're proud to offer our own collection of fire pit lines. If you're familiar with our ever-popular Copper Canyon Series, then you'll enjoy our line of powder coated steel and stainless steel fire pits. Boasting of a modern flair fit for any residential or commercial outdoor living space, our powder coated steel Mill and stainless steel Edge Series fire pits are top designer's choice for luxury living. From their tapered design to their smooth surfaces and clean, sleek lines, their simple yet posh appeal make them a wonderful focal point for any backyard or patio. These powder coated steel and stainless steel fire pits are individually handcrafted here in sunny Southern California by expert metalworkers and are packed with impressive features. Read on to discover what makes them stand out from the rest.


Benefits of Steel and 304 Stainless Steel

From the powder coated steel shells of the Mills and the stainless steel shells of the Edges down to their components, we choose 304 stainless steel burners and pans for their excellent corrosion resistant properties against the natural outdoor elements.

Steel is a popular and widely used material for designers and manufacturers due to its versatility. Its low yield strength and drawability makes it favorable for various welding and shaping applications, as seen with our Mill Series fire pits.

Though more expensive than standard steel, 304 stainless steel's corrosion resistant properties mean it is less likely to rust, making it desirable for use in coastal regions. The slick surface makes it easy to clean, and when polished, gives the material a stunning sheen and luster. Combined with its strength and toughness against corrosive environments and wet conditions, it is no wonder why we choose 304 stainless steel components for our burners, pans, and Edge shells.


Designed for Durability Throughout the Seasons

Starfire Designs Mill Gas Fire PitOur Mill Series fire pits are primed with a zinc coating to prevent the shell from rusting and corroding. We then finish off the steel shell with an industrial powder coat to ensure your investment remains scratch and heat resistant.

Each Mill fire pit undergoes a two-stage powder coating process. First, a zinc primer is applied onto the steel surface of the shell to act as a protective barrier to help prevent the material from rusting and corroding. Then, it is finished with an industrial powder coat to ensure it remains scratch and heat resistant against the natural outdoor elements and regular use. The Mill Series fire pits are offered in an assortment of colors, each a wonderful neutral tone to mix-and-match effortlessly with your surrounding décor. But no matter which color you choose, you can rest assured knowing your fire pit will last throughout the seasons.

If you're a purist and enjoy the classic industrial appeal, then an Edge Series fire pit may prove a more suitable option for you. The Edge features the same tapered design as the Mill Series, but is fabricated using 304 stainless steel—again, making the Edge a preferred choice for coastal regions or areas that experience stronger weather environments. Both our Mill and Edge Series fire pits are proudly made in the USA.


Gas Hard Line and Liquid Propane Tank Options for Any Space

Gas hard line versus LPT Starfire Design Mill Fire PitWe offer gas hard line and LPT models to ensure there is a perfect fit for any outdoor oasis.

We're proud to offer direct plumbed and liquid propane tank (LPT) options for our Mill and Edge Series fire pits. Direct plumbing your fire pit makes a great option for residential and commercial spaces that have access to a buried gas hard line. However, if a gas line is unavailable in your area or you simply prefer the convenience of a liquid propane tank—what you normally see on freestanding grills running on a 20 lb propane tank cylinder—you'll have direct access to your fuel source. Compared to our standard gas hard line models which stand at 18" tall, our LPT Mill and Edge models stand at 22" in height and feature a hidden access door for storing your propane tank cylinder inside.

Ignition Options Galore

Match Lit, Push Button Spark Ignition, AWEIS, CSA CertifiedWhile our Mill and Edge Series fire pits come standard with a match lit ignition, you can customize your fire pit with push button, AWEIS, or CSA Certified ignition options to suit your needs.

Whether you prefer the standard match lit ignition option or favor the convenience of an All Weather Electronic Ignition System, we offer a variety of ignition systems to suit your living space needs. Match Lit options come standard on all Mills and Edges and require holding a long lighter over the burner in one hand, while simultaneously slowly turning the gas valve to the "On" position to ignite. All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) options, as indicated by its name, make great options for rainy and windy conditions. They offer the convenience of being wired to a wall switch, remote, or home system for easy lighting and have a unique safety feature that will automatically shut the gas off should it detect the absence of flame to help prevent gas leaks. If you're considering an Edge or Mill fire pit for your commercial space, we offer CSA Certified Match Lit, Electronic On/Off, and Electronic High/Low ignition options which are certified to top tier safety standards.



Multiple Shapes and Sizes for Finding Your Perfect Fit

Mill and Edge Series Fire PitsThe Mill and Edge Series fire pits are offered in square and rectangular shapes and come in various sizes.

From square to rectangular shapes, to small and large sizes, there is a Mill or Edge fire pit for every outdoor space. 40" and 48" square models are popular choices for seating smaller groups and fitting compact spaces whereas 48", 60", and 72" rectangular models make ideal solutions for accommodating larger groups and fitting more open spaces. If you are unsure what size would fit your space, be sure to check out the AR (augmented reality) feature on their product pages. This technology uses true-to-size 3D renderings that allow you to virtually place the selected product in your home without having to visit a showroom. That means you can get a general idea of which size or shape would fit best in your outdoor oasis—all within the palm of your hand. How convenient is that?!


Extra Icing on Top

Starfire Glass over Mill Gas Fire Pit by Starfire DesignsFire media and a fabric cover are included with your purchase for good measure.

Better yet, regardless of if your fire pit is hooked to a gas hard line or runs on a LPT, all models can be adorned with fire glass media (sold separately) for added flair. While we already include lava rock with your Mill or Edge Series fire pit at no extra cost to you, you have the freedom to personalize the look of your fire pit by upgrading to our other fire glass styles and colors. For added peace of mind, we include a free fabric cover with every Mill and Edge fire pit to ensure your investment remains protected through normal wear and tear, season after season.


With style, functionality, and durability all packed into one, we're proud to offer our professional grade Mill and Edge Series fire pits to our customers. From their modern elegance to their impressive fuel and ignition upgrades, we hope to see you integrate one of our favorite designs into your home. If you're unsure on which model is right for you even after virtually viewing our Mill or Edge Series in AR mode, feel free to message us on our live chat, fill out a form on our contact us page, or give us a call (866) 578-8538.

Enjoy an evening fireside next to a powder coated steel Mill Gas Fire Pit by Starfire Designs.


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