Reasons to Use Fire Glass in Your Fire Feature

 As you work to redesign your home and breathe new life into your older furnishings, it is a smart idea to start with your fireplace. Especially if you use it on a regular basis, your fireplace is a focal point in your home and something to be proud of. You want your fireplace to be a conversation starter and create a welcoming atmosphere for family and guests.

If your fireplace runs on natural gas or propane, you may be able to ditch your old ceramic log stack and install fire glass instead. Learning more about this option, as well as its benefits, will result in a unique and visually striking fireplace or fire pit for your home.

What Is Fire Glass?

Fireplace glass is used to fill your gas fireplace or fire pit and eliminates the need for fake logs or lava rocks. It gives homeowners an option to incorporate color into their fireplace and is becoming more popular than ever. This tempered glass is made to withstand extreme heat and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Gas rises through the broken glass, and flames dance on top of it, creating a bright and vibrant look.

Whether you are interested in crushed glass or beads for your fireplace, you will be sure to find an option that fits your style and personality. It is important to note that this type of glass is made specifically for use in fireplaces. It is unsafe to use broken bottles or glass from an old windshield, because these aren’t built for high temperatures and will melt, pop, or shoot out of the fire.


The Benefits of Fire Glass

Starfire Direct carries a wide variety of glass for your fireplace or fire pit. We sell only the finest quality glass so all you need to think about is turning the fire on and off. Here are some of the benefits of using specialized glass in your fireplace:

  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures
  • No soot or ash
  • Guaranteed not to crack or pop
  • Color will not fade due to the fire

With a wood-burning pit or fireplace, you need to constantly worry about having enough firewood, as well as cleaning up ashes. Filling your fireplace with glass you find on your own may sound like a smart way to save money, but its low quality and chemicals used in its production will lead to melting and the release of harmful fumes. Starfire Direct has professional tempered glass to give you the look and functionality you want. Learn more about fire glass in this helpful video.


Calculating the Amount of Glass Needed

An important step when getting ready to install fire glass is to determine how much you will need. This can be done easily with our fire glass calculator. You don’t want to have glass spilling over the top but you also need to make sure you have enough to cover your gas coils to achieve the best effect. To determine the optimal amount of glass, measure the front width, back width and depth of your fireplace or pit, as well as the desired height of the glass. It is recommended to use a calculating tool online or speak to your supplier to determine the number of pounds of glass needed for your project.

Fire glass is not right for every person or application, so get in touch with an expert to find out if your fireplace or pit is compatible before you buy. Contact a Starfire Direct representative today at (866) 578-8538 to get started.


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