Ethanol Fuel for Indoor Use

Bioethanol fuel is a unique renewable and sustainable fuel source that boasts of a variety of benefits that include being environmentally-friendly, clean burning, and safe for use indoors and outdoors. A great gas and wood alternative, it is formulated into pure alcohol from natural plant byproducts, which then gets recycled back to plants for photosynthesis once burned (you can read about it more in detail in our All About Ethanol article). Unlike its real wood burning counterpart, bioethanol doesn't emit harmful ash or soot byproducts. Instead, it produces heat, steam, and carbon dioxide—making it safe for use indoors (and outdoors).

Benefits of Bioethanol Fuel

Martini Bioethanol Fire Pit Table and Gin 90 Bar Bioethanol Fire Pit Table by EcoSmart FireBioethanol fuel is a sustainable and renewable source of energy that produces only clean emissions of heat, steam, and carbon dioxide. This makes it safe for use indoors. [Pictured left: Martini 50 Fire Pit Table // Pictured right: Gin 90 Bar Height Fire Pit Table by EcoSmart Fire].

Designed as a secondary heat source, it certainly delivers vibrant flames with an efficient burn time at approximately 1 quart every 1-2 hours. When combined with compatible EcoSmart Fire fireplaces and fire pits, bioethanol fuel offers a quick and simple installation that eliminates the need for gas lines, electric wires, vents, and chimneys. This is because it is designed for use with a special bioethanol burner fabrication made of 304 stainless steel, which ensures the fuel is provided with a safe housing. All it takes is pouring the fuel into the burner. Easy as that! It requires little to no maintenance, meaning no smoke, ash, or soot to clean up. Depending on how often you plan on using your fire feature, denaturing agents may build up. To ensure it remains in pristine condition throughout the seasons, simply rinse the burner with hot water.

Bioethanol fuel also offers the convenience of being purchasable online to be delivered directly to your door. Compared to traditional wood, that means one less trip chopping down logs in the forest, and compared to liquid propane, that means one less trip running out to your local grocer to replenish your empty propane tank cylinder. But what makes bioethanol fuel truly unique is its safe and portable capabilities for indoor use.

Fireplaces with Installation Flexibility

Flex Series Fireplace Insert by EcoSmart FireThe Flex Series fireplace inserts are a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces alike. They boast a zero-fuss installation without the need for hard utility connections or grounding wires. [Pictured: Flex Single Sided Fireplace Insert by EcoSmart Fire].

If you have ever dealt with a fireplace or fire pit project, then you might be familiar with some of the frustration that comes along with design limitations. Perhaps the exact image you had in mind did not quite come out as you had originally envisioned. Maybe the installation you planned to have in your family living room did not come into fruition because electrical outlets and wires were in the way. Well, with a bioethanol fueled fire feature, you can enjoy a hassle-free installation without the fussy restraints that can come with electrical outlets or chimneys. You have the freedom to choose where you want your fireplace or fire pit!

EcoSmart Fire offers a line of UL Listed, zero-clearance Flex Series fireplace inserts that come in a variety of sizes and styles. Enjoy a traditional viewing area with a single-sided insert or elevate your living space with a multi-sided insert showcasing flames from various vantage points—or even separate rooms. You can customize the design's configuration with a decorative side box or a simple open flame to suit your tastes and preferences. As mentioned before, bioethanol fueled fireplaces and fire pits utilize a self-contained burner that does not require being connected to a gas line or to any electric wires. The Flex Series doesn't need to terminate harmful byproducts through a flue or a chimney because there are none! Bioethanol fuel is clean burning and allows the heat to remain in the room. That means one less general contractor involved in your indoor or outdoor project and a relatively quick and simple installation.

A Single Sided Fireplace Insert in the bedroom for extra comfort? Why not! A Peninsula Fireplace Insert dividing your dining room from your family living room for extra privacy? Sure! How about a Bench Fireplace Insert recessed into the middle of a conversation pit? By all means! The possibilities for installation are endless with ethanol.

Fire Pit Tables Designed for Portability and Relocation

Manhattan 50 Fire Pit Table by EcoSmart FireFrom neutral colors that keep the focus on the flames to teak paneled motifs that add warm tones, there is an option for every indoor living space's design. [Pictured: Manhattan 50 Fire Pit Table in Bone by EcoSmart Fire].

While fire pit season doesn't hit until the Autumn months, who said you can't enjoy your bioethanol fire pit throughout all four seasons? We can certainly attest to that. With a self-contained, bioethanol fire feature by EcoSmart Fire, there is flexibility for relocation and portability. Even when winter's frigid winds and frosty chills set in, why not relocate your fire pit indoors to relish a cozy ambiance? Because bioethanol fueled fire pits produces heat, steam, and carbon dioxide there is no need to worry about harmful emissions inside the home.

Expanding a restaurant to a larger building? Why not transfer and incorporate your bioethanol compatible fire pit into your new blueprint plans? Because installation doesn't require hard utility connections, your investment isn't tied down to a permanent location. You can move or relocate your fire feature to just about anywhere. Whether that means from one building to another or simply from outside the backyard into the living room—you can be certain a bioethanol fueled fire pit will perform admirably for year-round use.

Without any limitations to when or where you can enjoy an open flame, a bioethanol fire feature has you covered. But if you're still not sure about which one is right for your space, feel free to send a message on our live chat feature, fill out a contact us form here, or give us a call at (866) 578-8538. We’re always happy to assist.

Main Image: A dog relaxes comfortably in front of an XL900 Ethanol Burner by EcoSmart Fire.


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