Copper Fire Pits: Made with Man's Oldest Metal

Mankind has been using copper since the start of recorded history. Often called “man’s oldest metal”, copper has been on the scene for thousands of years. Because of its strength and durability, copper has been a favorite building material for worldwide civilizations since the ancient Egyptians. Both functional and decorative, this ancient metal has seamlessly transitioned into modern design and has easily found its place in homes, castles, and dwellings throughout the centuries.

When deciding on a fire pit or outdoor copper fire feature, there are many factors to consider. Of the plethora of options for construction materials on the market, ”Why consider copper?” you might wonder. Well, I thought you’d never ask.

10 Ft. Copper Spartan Fire Pit by Starfire Designs

Adaptable Design

In addition to its gorgeous sheen and detailing, copper has a wonderful way of blending into any design scheme. From rustic to classically elegant, a copper fire pit will look at home in any outdoor space. Because of its adaptable nature, this durable metal will transform your outdoor living space from 'just okay' to an oasis fit for a king.

Left: 40" Copper Canyon LPT Fire Pit by Starfire Designs // Right: 40" Copper Canyon Fire Pit by Starfire Designs

Choices Galore

There are about as many variations and options in copper fire pits as you could ever want. There are options for size, for shape, for finish, and even for shade, all customizable by you. Your outdoor space may dictate the size and shape of your future fire pit, or your choice could ultimately come down to personal preference. Regardless of your situation, there is a copper fire pit to fit your need.

Left: Hand Hammered // Right: Machine Hammered

Intricate Hammer-Toned Look

One of the benefits of working with copper is the element’s pliable properties. All Starfire Designs copper fire pits and bowls feature a high quality hammered copper, allowing the exquisite metal to take on a life of its own, providing stunning variations that give the piece a one of a kind look. The distinctive hand-hammered Moreno Collection features a darker oil-bronzed finish. The machine-hammered Copper Canyon and Copper Creek Collections retain a brighter and lighter finish.

48" Rectangle Copper Creek Fire Pit by Starfire Designs


When you think of copper, many different images may come to mind. You could be thinking of a shiny new penny, seemingly untouched by human hands. Or, you could be thinking of the weathered Statue of Liberty, standing strong and true against the New York City skyline. While both are made of copper, the difference between the two is a process called oxidation, which produces a substance called patina. Patina is the blue-green film that gives Lady Liberty her green hue. Although this process is a part of the natural life of copper and can actually add character and an aged beauty to a piece, the process can be slowed or inhibited through proper care and upkeep.

10 Ft. Copper Spartan Fire Pit by Starfire Designs

Inhibiting the Formation of Patina

If you prefer the clean copper look, you may want to stop the patina from forming altogether. The first step in preventing the oxidation process, which occurs naturally through age and exposure to air, is to cover the copper in a protective coating. Beeswax or Carnauba Wax work especially well for this process. With any copper fire pit from Starfire Designs, you will find your first can of this protective spray included to get you on your way to maintaining the beautiful coloring of your new fire pit.

30" Taza Moreno Copper Fire and Water Bowl by Starfire Designs

Find your Perfect Fit

Kick your outdoor entertaining space up a notch with an eye-catching copper fire pit. Especially suited for commercial outdoor spaces, including luxurious hotel pool decks, romantic restaurant patios, swanky rooftop lounges, or lush resorts, a copper fire pit or outdoor fire feature is sure to be a conversation starter wherever it may go. Starfire Direct offers an amazing assortment of copper fire pits, fire bowls, fire pillars, and even products that feature a striking balance of the elements, such as the Taza Moreno Copper Fire and Water Bowl.

Here at Starfire Direct, we love copper fire features so much, we could talk about them for days. Call us at (866) 578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or chat us with any questions at If you have a specific vision in mind, contact us for custom orders. We can help you realize all your copper dreams.

Main Image: 10 Ft. Copper Spartan Fire Pit by Starfire Designs


Katrina McBreen