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Where will the driver drop off my shipment?

Free Curbside Delivery: The driver will deliver your product to the end of your driveway or property line. They will not deliver the product to its desired location in your yard, patio or residence. Using a hydraulic liftgate, the driver will take your order off the truck and set it next the truck on your curbside or end of driveway. You are responsible for moving the order to where it needs to go on your property. The driver will not offer assistance in this regard, nor is he obligated. If your order exceeds the lift gate size or weight limits, you will need to make arrangements to get your order off of the truck.

Since these products are heavy and generally require a 2+ man lift, you will want to make arrangements for assistance to unpack the product and carry it to the destination you choose. Dollies or furniture movers are a good idea to have on hand!

What if the driver can't get to my location?

On rare occasions, the driver may determine that he cannot access your property line or driveway for your curbside delivery. Examples might include dirt roads, narrow cul-de-sac, busy highways, etc. If you believe that this circumstance applies to your particular delivery address, you may consider having your order rerouted to an alternate address or location. Alternatively, you may make arrangements to get your order from the freight terminal (refer to change of address policy).

Please know that it is impossible for Starfire Direct to anticipate all delivery circumstances at the point of sale, especially if you placed your order online without speaking with a Starfire Direct representative. We accept a tolerance for shipping fees, but cannot be held liable for additional billed fees that go above and beyond our typical shipping parameters. Therefore, in the event we become aware of these types of situations, we will contact you to discuss potential solutions and additional delivery fees.

How do I track my order?

You should have received a tracking email with a link inside that will connect you to the carriers website. Although we are used to calling it a "tracking number", freight companies typically define the tracking number as a "PRO number" or "Bill of Lading" (or BOL). Look for a spot on their website that references one of these industry terms.

If you are having trouble finding this on the carrier's website, please give their customer service line a call directly. Starfire Direct is not a shipping carrier and does not control or manage the carrier's website.

Do I have to be present when the shippment arrives?

Yes. Someone over the age of 18 must be present to sign and inspect your delivery. If you are the person who agreed to accept the delivery and you are not present to receive it, the carrier may not deliver your order. Also, if someone is not present to accept the scheduled delivery, you will need to reschedule a second delivery attempt and you will be responsible for any re-delivery fees that may occur.

What if I missed the call to confirm my appointment?

By the time the carrier is ready to call you to schedule your delivery, they are already in possession of the shipment and are awaiting your confirmation. If you missed the phone call to make your shipping appointment, you should reach out the carrier directly and reference your tracking/PRO number. They can direct you to the correct terminal to schedule your delivery.

If multiple attempts to contact you are completed without success, you may be charged additional shipping fees and/or have the product shipped back at your expense.

What if I need to reschedule?

You will have out to reach the freight carrier directly to change your delivery appointment.

Please note that carriers often charge storage fees for delayed or postponed shipments. If you choose to reschedule or delay your shipment, you will be responsible for these fees.

What if I can't make my pick up appointment?

You will have to reach the carrier directly at the phone number they gave you to reach them either in the tracking email or on the phone call you received when making the appointment. The carrier does not contact Starfire Direct with any information regarding your delivery appointment.

Even with giving the carrier enough time to reschedule a shipment, you may be charged additional fees due to breaking the appointment you created with the carrier. You agreed to be at the appointment and (even with justifiable circumstances) the carrier incurs additional expense to redirect the driver and store your shipment until you can make arrangements to either have it picked up or redelivered.


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