Paving the way for designs that effortlessly combine the trendy and the contemporary, Agio is a leader in the outdoor furniture and fire industry.

Using only the highest quality materials, the Agio fire pit collections is thoughtfully designed and constructed with your outdoor living enjoyment in mind. With stand-alone fire pits that make the right impression, the items in the Agio catalog have been designed to become the focal point of your outdoor living space. Agio ensures that your personal sense of style is reflected in the pieces that you use to enhance your outdoor experience.

Easy Propane Tank Access
Push Button Ignitions
CSA Tested & Certified
Weather Resistant Materials

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When it comes to creating an outdoor space that is a true extension of your indoor living space, Agio effortlessly meets the challenge with captivating choices that will allow you to perfectly design an area that is truly your own.


Chat Height - 24"

Chat height is reserved for exactly that: sitting around your fire pit at a comfortable height and enjoying the ambiance with family and friends. This height allows you to stare at the wonderful top textures and flames as well.

Dining Height - 27.95"

Dining Height is often best for pulling a chair underneath the lip of the fire pit, allowing you and loved ones to dine with ease. This creates a wonderful focal point for your outdoor space where everyone can gather for almost every occasion.




From easy ignition to beautiful design, Agio fire pits are an affordable investment with luxury features.

Push Button Ignition

Simply turn the key valve on and push the button. This creates a spark on the burner system igniting the flame. Once lit, you can adjust the flame to your desired height.

Hidden Propane Tank Compartment

A standard 20 lb propane tank fits into the base of the fire pit. Remove the door panel to reveal the fire pit's components inside.

Stainless Steel Burner

The burner system in each Agio fire pit is made from stainless steel to help prevent rust and corrosion from the weather. They offer 30,000 BTUs of heat at minimum.

Weather Resistant Materials

From ceramic tile tops to sturdy fiber reinforced bases, Agio fire pits are designed to look stylish through normal wear and tear.

CSA Certified & Tested

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A standard 20 LB propane tank should fit underneath your Agio fire pit in the base of the unit. These tanks can be purchased at most hardware and some grocery stores.

Although certain components (ignitors, batteries, etc.) may need to be replaced at some point in the future, your Agio fire pit was designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to normal wear and tear in most outdoor environments but more severe weather may damage your fire pit at a faster rate over time. Please use the provided/purchased fabric cover to help prolong the life of your ignition system and table top as a whole.

If you are needing replacement parts, please contact the Agio manufacturer for more information.

Most Agio fire pits are easy to assemble and may require a few additional tools (such as a wrench and phillips screwdriver). Also, if you are keeping your fire pit as a propane setup, your process will go even faster since the gas connections are already assembled for propane gas.

If you are planning to convert it to a natural gas, we always recommend that a licensed professional does your gas hook up. The installer will know how to remove the propane air mixer and reconnect the hosing in a safe manner. If done incorrectly, your fire pit could cause serious damage due to gas leakage.

Always test the gas connection for leaks first, then place your fire glass or other decorative burner topping over the burner and enjoy!

We are based out of Temecula, Californiaand try to ship every in-stock Agio order within 2-4 business days. Most configurations are ready to go, but other special order configurations may require extra time to prepare. Once your order is ready to ship, expect an additional transit time of 2-7 days, depending on where in the USA you live.


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