Blaze Outdoor Products

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA, Blaze Outdoor Products boasts a founding team with more than 45 years of combined industry experience. This has allowed the business to design, develop, and build products that stand head and shoulders above others in the outdoor living industry. With a focus on top quality, and durable pieces that stand up to the elements, Blaze Outdoor Products understands the importance of an outdoor living lifestyle.

The combination of high-quality materials and innovative designs results in the affordable price point that consumers are looking for, when creating those luxurious outdoor kitchens and living spaces. Each item is backed by a solid warranty and is of course built to stand up to daily outdoor use.

The engineers and designers at Blaze Outdoor Products understand the needs of the outdoor chef and strive to produce solutions that work for all skill levels. You are bound to find just what you are looking for, when building your outdoor kitchen. From the permanent fixtures to the portable, and accessories to make them all work cohesively, the Blaze catalog of products will keep you cooking and entertaining outdoors, for many good years to come. Invest in an outdoor fridge, or perhaps a trash can to keep your outdoor kitchen tidy, there's something to meet all of your requirements and keep you grilling on.