What’s That?: 5 Grills You Didn’t Know Existed

It's time to refresh your outdoor living space and stand out from the crowd by adding something different with a little twist to your backyard patio. Here at Starfire Direct, we are no stranger to hidden gems that spark curiosity and we believe being a little different is a good thing. Let’s check out these five grills you probably didn’t know existed.


Don’t Miss the Conversation: Firetainment

Santiago Fire Table with Santa Cecilia Granite Top & Cooking Package by Firetainment

Let’s be real, no gathering is truly complete without some savory food to go with it. Grab your guest’s attention with a multi-functional fire feature that not only provides warmth but makes socializing interactive. Firetainment does just that by combining three key outdoor features all into one entertainment piece; a patio table, a fire table feature, and a fire pit table cooking station. Firetainment makes it fun and easy to change a fire table and turn it into a grill that everyone can sit around and enjoy. Their unparalleled design says, “don’t walk away from the table and miss out on the conversation--let’s bring the food and the friends all together in one location". Whether grilling some frankfurters for the afternoon game or two filet mignons for a special date night--fire pit table cooking is a creative way to entertain guests. Just hang out, snuggle up, and relax--enjoy the upcoming summer nights and watch the shooting stars fly overhead. Firetainment is all about taking the evening to hang out and create precious moments with the people you love. Check out the video here and see just how amazing Firetainment entertainment can be.


The Circular Design: OFYR

The OFYR Classic 100-100 Grill by OFYR

OFYR brings chefs and hungry guest together in a fun and unique way through the "art of social grilling”. Like Firetainment, OFYR combines fire pit elements with grilling elements for a sweet multi-functional fire feature and grill without the need of propane or natural gas. OFYR uses a natural wood burning fire pit which adds a mouthwatering smoky flavor to any meal prepared on it. The innovative circular design used in OFYR products allows everyone to join in on the cooking process and experience the thrill of the grill. Take cook offs to the next level and have competitive grilling with friends and family and see who’s the best cook once and for all. Whether it’s a cook off or just staying warm by the fire, OFYR brand has it covered with their super unique combo grill/fire features. When the spring and summer seasons end OFYR are ideal investments that can be used year-round to keep warm and add a natural rustic appearance to any outdoor setting. Designed with corten steel that oxidizes over time and is resistant to rust, these amazing products will last for years and create an unrefined art piece.


Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner: Le Griddle

Le Griddle cooktop with upgraded Stainless Steel Le Griddle Cart.

Who says a grill needs an open flame? Le Griddle is the perfect example how removing the grill grates and adding a stainless steel cooking surface allows everything to cook to perfection without worry of flare ups and unwanted charring. A griddle offers the freedom to cook outdoors for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From scrambled eggs and crispy bacon in the mornings to sauteed veggies and pork chops during the evenings--this griddle is made for cooking all day long. Le Griddle is crafted so even an inexperienced chef can cook delicate items like fresh halibut--or even chopped grilled onions for a delicious addition to any burger. “Did you know?” fun fact, with a flat top griddle, you are able to capture the most flavor from your foods that would have otherwise been lost to the flames. This is due to a solid cooking surface where juices are kept in one spot and allow food to simmer and cook in their natural flavors. This distinct brand knows how to perfect the grilling experience with a hassle free flat top griddle that provides you, your family, and friends with a wonderful option when a grill just won’t do the trick.


Don’t Be So Square: Evo

 The Affinity 30” Drop-In Cooktop Grill by Evo.

The Evo brand has developed some creative and stylish grills that are completely round drop-in designs and are unlike standard rectangular grills with a hood. When the wind picks up and you need to change sides, Evo has got it covered. Their 360 degree flat cooktops allow chefs to take full advantage and move around the cooking surface--permitting room for even two chefs on the same grill. Then when it's time for family get-togethers at the local park, Evo has designed a table top grill that is portable and can quickly set up for afternoon BBQ’s. With a solid cooking surface there’s no need to limit yourself to standard grilling items, cook the veggies and gratin potatoes all on the same surface. Sometimes it's better to be different and Evo has shown us why.


Going to the Party: Mercatus

Mercatus BBQ Fireplace by Mercatus.

The Mercatus contains elements of a traditional wood burning fireplace and combines it with some cooking aspects that are distinctive from the grills mentioned above. Standard fireplaces are difficult to enjoy because when the party moves--the fireplace doesn’t. Mercatus took it one step further and designed a portable BBQ chimenea that goes where the party goes. This creates a fire feature that can be enjoyed amongst friends anytime and most importantly anywhere with an innovative grilling rack that can cook just about anything--even some delicious pizzas. Don't worry about burning yourself while cooking, the rack is designed to be safely twisted away from and directly over the fire. When the cooking is all done the Mercatus BBQ fireplaces are designed with easy removal of the cooking rack for an unobstructed warm glowing fire when it’s time to relax and enjoy the simplicity of a crackling fire. The chimenea design takes any unwanted smoke up and above guests, leaving warm radiating heat to be enjoyed. Check out the video below showing a Mercatus BBQ Fireplace in action.


What did you think--have you seen any of these grills before? If not, we hope this article added some insight on the unique grills we carry here at Starfire Direct and their impressive features. If you have questions about any of the products highlighted here or want some additional suggestions on updates for your indoor or outdoor areas, our staff is eager to assist you. Give us a call at (866) 587-8538, live chat us, or contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

Main Image: A Stainless Steel BBQ Fireplace by Mercatus.


Daniel Cooksey