Based in Cockeysville, Maryland, OFYR USA is an ever-expanding brand that can be found in more than 50 countries. This global brand offers great appeal to those who have a love for spending time outdoors, and for cooking outside.

The products in the OFYR catalog are wholly contemporary, unique, and sure to fast become your favorite place to cook dinner and entertain your family and friends. The OFYR is a cool way to cook your dinner, outdoors. The design combines the beauty of corten steel with a barbeque, hotplate, and a fire basket, all in one great object that looks like a piece of artwork all on its own.

When it's time for you to entertain family and friends, you'll find that it's a cinch to transition from sculpture to a warm and welcoming place to socialize while you cook a meal.

The circular design of the OFYR is an innovative solution that allows everyone to join in on the cooking process. Each person can cook his or her own food, while enjoying some really great company and conversation.

The other products in the catalog offer you the ability to customize your experience with OFYR. You'll find what you need from unique carbon steel islands to butcher block storage to other wood stacking solutions that work well for your space.

These great items are just what you need to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience.