Love the Great Outdoors? Seven Tips for Creating the Ultimate Backyard Getaway


Life can be stressful. Life can be hectic. Between the trials and tribulations of the workaday
world, the ups and downs of family life, and the frustrating moments on life’s highways and byways, the nervous tension can add up. Most evenings, we would give anything just to retreat to our backyards and relax in front of a flaming glass fire pit with a warm cup of cocoa and a close circle of friends.


Thank Heavens for Getaways

To unwind our bodies and our minds, most of us need a getaway—a place of comfort and repose far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time or the wherewithal to drive hundreds of miles to the nearest national park or mountain hideaway.

Even when we do manage to pack up the family and head out into the great beyond, our big getaway all too often becomes as stressful as our jobs. Between finding a pet hotel for Snookers, paying for a people hotel, putting gas in Bessy, and keeping track of Timmy and Tammy, we’re soon in need of a vacation from our vacation.

Thankfully, there are backyards—small havens of peace and tranquility in a world full of troubles. For many of us, the home is our sanctuary and the backyard is our refuge. For those who haven’t yet created an asylum out of their yards, we’ve gathered some useful pointers to get you started. Follow these simple tips and tricks to transform your backyard from a nondescript plot of land—a place to put the rusty bikes and discarded toys—into a little slice of outdoor heaven.


#1 Atmospheric Lighting Sets the Mood

Nothing sets the mood like atmospheric lighting. The right illumination can create the perfect ambiance and turn an average backyard into a spectacular retreat. If you do only one thing to spruce up your yard, upgrade the lighting. Whether you string bulbs across your patio, place portable lanterns on each tabletop, or line your yard with tiki torches, you should embrace your own individual style and add a personalized touch of luminescence to your patio.


#2 A Charming Structure Creates a Picture-Perfect Landscape

There are many ways to spice up your patio. A vine-covered pergola is one of the most tasteful. Not only do the vines provide shade to sunbaked patios; the beautifully constructed pergolas also create a feeling of cozy tranquility while adding a splash of decorative appeal to the backyard.

Depending on the type of wood and the style of the structure, you can create an entirely different scene for your backyard getaway. You can transport your guests to a mountain retreat with the rustic charm of mocha-stained Douglas fir. You can bring the Tuscan hills to your home with a Ponderosa Pine arbor atop graceful columns. You can also try for a more comfortable and homey look with the simple elegance of an arched roof colored in redwood hues. Whatever look you choose, a pergola can help you bring paradise to Dreary Lane.


#3 A Spruced-Up Patio Brings the Comfort of Inside to the Wilds of Outside

Who says the comfort of your home should disappear as soon as you open your back door? Rather than a dull slab of concrete, why not think more creatively and aesthetically? Laying brick or stone down on your patio, for example, adds a touch of charm to an otherwise drab surface. If concrete is more your thing, try the textured and colored variety to boost the appeal.

Whatever material you use, turn the patio into an extension of your house. Bring the style of your home into the yard, and you’ll have a personalized retreat. Throw in some nice landscaping touches like flower beds or gardens—interesting varieties include anything from Japanese gardens to tropical-style gardens. You’d be amazed what a little patio touch-up can do; family and friends alike will be yearning to stretch their legs and pass the time in such a snug corner of the world.


#4 Separate Eating Areas Bring Gourmet Dining to the Backyard

When some of us think of getaways, we think of delicious food shared with good friends and close family. While indoor meals are delightful, there’s nothing quite like an outdoor repast. To savor mouthwatering dishes and enjoy pleasant conversation underneath the sun and the stars is to enjoy a little slice of outdoor heaven.

In order to realize such a vision of culinary nirvana, turn at least part of your backyard into a dedicated dining area. You can use screens, garden walls, landscaping, lattice, or even pergolas to separate the eating area from the rest of the yard and thereby create a sense of cozy privacy. You can also surround the dining area with tiki lights if you want to define the space without closing it off completely.


#5 Outdoor Kitchens Are a Foodie’s Delight

If you really want to enjoy the backyard eating experience, install a full-on outdoor kitchen. For  those dedicated foodies who head outside a few times a week to fire up the grill or the wood-fired oven, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have.

How elaborate you choose to make your kitchen setup is up to you, but these days the sky is the limit—stylish countertops, top-of-the-line sinks, convenient access doors, beautiful cabinets and storage drawers, outdoor refrigerators, icemakers, and side burners. A devoted BBQ grill is, of course, non-negotiable, but consider stepping it up a notch for a truly satisfying gastronomic experience.


#6 Outdoor Heating Warms the Body

Summer barbecues and picnics are lovely, but if you’re going to turn your backyard into a bona fide outdoor getaway, it should be season-proof. Placing patio heaters near seating areas is the easiest way to ensure you and your guests aren’t shivering the night away.

Of course, fitting a heating system into the existing space can sometimes prove difficult. The good news is that there are plenty of options. From freestanding and tabletop heaters to wall and ceiling mount heaters, you can choose a system that fits the style and layout of your backyard. Whichever models you select, reliable heaters will help you enjoy the pleasures of your backyard hideaway far into the chilly days of autumn, or even well into the bitter days of winter if you live in warmer climates.


#7 Outdoor Glass Fire Pits Warm the Soul

When some people think retreat, they think isolation. For others, outdoor getaways are all about good cheer and good company. If you want to create the perfect outdoor gathering space, there’s no substitute for a glass fire pit. That’s because nothing in the world warms the soul and spurs friendly conversation like sitting around an open flame with a glass of wine, a stein of beer, or a cup of hot cocoa.

In many ways, fire bowls and fireglass pits are the ultimate additions to any backyard retreat.

Since the dawn of humanity (or thereabouts), people have gathered around a crackling fire to eat, drink, and make merry. Although technology may have evolved over the past few millennia—in addition to wood, outdoor fire pits now use everything from ash and fume-free fire glass to eco-friendly fire balls and fire stones—the principle remains the same: Light the flame and get the party started.

There’s one caveat: If you do install a fire glass pit, you’ll have to be careful lest the entire neighborhood invites itself over for impromptu get-togethers. While they say the more the merrier, there’s nothing to stop you from leaving it all behind and warming your own heart and soul over the snaps and cracks of a friendly flame in the quiet comfort of a solitary retreat. After all, this is your personal outdoor hideaway. Make of it what you will.


Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Experience

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