Get an Agio International Fire Pit and an RV – It Will Travel!


Few things are genuinely as enjoyable as is the time spent with friends around a campfire. It’s one of the few activities that bridges all generations and which has drawn people together since the beginning of time. It is also one of the few things today that actually gets the kids outside and away from their plethora of electronic devices! Where once an outdoor fire was a hastily raked section of ground, a circle of rocks and a bunch of pine straw, twigs and sticks, today the outdoor fire has been elevated to new heights of sophistication and beauty. Fire pits can be purchased or built, and range from fairly simple installations to those costing thousands of dollars. Modern fire pits burn a variety of fuels, from traditional wood to natural gas or propane. Propane is particularly popular with a portable fire pit as then both the pit and its fuel can be moved not only from place to place within one’s own landscape, but from house to house, as needed for outdoor events, and can even be taken along when camping.

As the population ages, more and more baby boomers are retiring and taking to the open road in their motor homes and recreational vehicles. These people of means would prefer to take a fire glass compatible propane fire pit such as an Agio International fire pit along with them in their RV that they can quickly pull out and assemble for use, especially when they’re stopping for a while, as opposed to using the generally grease caked and dirty wood burning fire pits found at some (not all) campgrounds. A quality Agio International fire pit lasts for years, and for those on the go, are fueled by portable propane tanks that are usually hidden in the pit’s interior. In days of old, the propane burners were covered with lava rocks or ceramic “logs” but today most people opt for fire glass. Fire glass is composed of fragments and pebbles of tempered glass that come in rainbow of colors and that can be combined and changed at will. The effect of flames seemingly appearing out of nowhere to dance above the reflective, glittering rock is as relaxing and mesmerizing to watch as an aquarium full of tropical fish. Coincidentally, fire rock can also do double duty as the foundation of any fish aquarium!

While one might roast the occasional marshmallow over a gas fire pit flame, cooking over them not generally recommended, for food that drips down onto the fire rock clings to it, dulling its glimmering surface and marring its appearance. Should choose to cook over your fire glass and get it dirty, it can be cleaned in a pan of hot water and ammonia and thoroughly rinsed. Alternately, the rock could simply be replaced. Most people enjoy an Agio International fire pit for its beauty and ambiance, the sense of relaxation it engenders, and as a backdrop for good times spent with family and friends.



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