Furniture That Will Last a Lifetime


Based in Ontario, California, O.W. Lee furniture has been the leading producer of high-quality, hand-crafted patio furniture and fire pits. What started out in the 1940s as a manufacturer of wrought-iron gates for Southern California’s most resplendent estates has today become the foremost supplier of fine casual furniture built to last a lifetime.

Quality Materials and Flawless Production

O.W. Lee combines techniques that date back to the Middle Ages, with modern, state-of-the-art technology and machinery to deliver truly unique, extremely durable, and sophisticated products.

The careful attention to detail is what sets O.W. Lee apart from its competitors. The process is a testament to their dedication to high-quality results.

  • Carbon steel, galvanized steel, and 60/61 alloy aluminum are precision cut, and then formed by hand with the aid of computerized tube benders and manually operated roll benders. This ensures the curves are precise and consistent from piece to piece.
  • The pieces are then forged by hand in a process unchanged for centuries.
  • They are then welded together with a full-circumference weld to ensure against water entry into crevices.
  • Pieces are coated, then oven-cured, then powder coated again to guard against corrosion.
  • A foam core that is specially designed to shed water quickly is precision cut by computerized machines, then covered with high quality outdoor fabrics to create cushions that fit each piece perfectly.


O.W. Lee is dedicated to using sustainable materials that are domestically produced. Their computerized processes ensure there is minimal waste, and their factory has undergone a rigorous energy conservation upgrade. This, combined with their domestic production and adherence to environmental safety standards, makes them a desirable choice for consumers looking to spend their money wisely.


Residential products come with 20-year warranty that is unmatched in the industry. Provided the furniture has been used normally and maintained regularly, O.W. Lee will repair or replace any piece that has failed structurally. With a 5-year warranty on finishes and a 2-year warranty on cushions, you can be assured that your furniture will always be in top condition.

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