Exciting Looks You Can Shop for This Summer

It’s that time again and summer is just around the corner, let’s break out the BBQ’s and clean up the patio because this season is one to be enjoyed. Shop the latest looks and get your backyard ready for all your friends and family with this guide on how to achieve these summer looks. 


A Touch of Rustic Charm

Cozy up to a warm ambiance around the 40" Plaza Moreno Copper Fire Pit underneath a wood pergola.

This look consists of three main components that--when brought together--create this stunning outdoor living space. The largest addition for this look is a pergola--like the Sonoma Wood Pergola by Outdoor GreatRoom Co.; this feature creates a patio area dedicated to providing guest with a place to escape to from the sun or even a midnight fire. Unlike a gazebo, a pergola is designed to be rectangular or square with cross beams and no roof. This is because pergolas can be decorated with natural plants such as vines and flowers that can grow up and across the top of the structure for a stunning natural look. The addition of some outdoor string lights will make your pergola a place to be enjoyed day or night with some great company.

Some classic and timeless furniture pieces will add the right charm to accent the rustic wood and metal framework on your pergola. For this we recommend any of OW Lee's furniture sets. Made to last for years with plush cushions, these chairs will add durability and comfort while creating a relaxing patio atmosphere. A great example for seating is the Classico Club Dining Arm Chair with handcrafted metal framework and large seating to snuggle up next to the fire--these chairs are sure to make an impression on you and your guests.

For a beautiful and alluring fire feature that stands out amongst the rest, this patio design is focused around a 40” Plaza Moreno Copper Fire Pit that enhances the rustic charm of the wood pergola while following the metal framework theme. Handcrafted with high-quality copper and featuring a wax seal and spray this fire feature will look amazing for years of enjoyment. Then as a charming touch, add some colorful Starfire Glass to your fire pit to accent the pillow casings and create a dazzling display of flames reflecting off the glass. This quaint look utilizes some rustic features and timeless pieces to create a welcoming and comfortable patio setting.


Shop a Coastal Look

Our Coastal Teak Sofa and chair matched with the Mini Rectangular Teak Table created by Royal Teak.

Living by the coast can be a dream come true, with soft ocean breezes and warm sunny days--everyday should be enjoyed outdoors. Whether you live near the coast or you want to bring the ambiance of coastal living to your outdoor patio, this collection will create a comfortable area to unwind and relax.

When shopping for a coastal beach look it's important to find wood furniture that can handle the constant sunlight and salty air—this look showcases the Coastal Teak Sofa and Coastal Teak Chair. These two furniture pieces are made with teak wood that is much more weather-resistant than other wood types and can easily be applied with Royal Teak Sealer, a non-toxic, water-based sealant that will add an extra protective layer to your outdoor furniture. It is also very important to purchase any outdoor furniture with weather-resistant cushions that can handle the harsh winds and water. Luckily, Royal Coastal Teak Sofa and Chair come with weather-durable cushions in multiple color options for an easy set up and worry-free enjoyment for your summer days.

To finish off this coastal vibe you will want to add a coffee table to match; our Mini Rectangular Teak Table that is also made of weather-resistant teak wood and complements the furniture pieces perfectly. Add a couple Miami Teak Side Tables and an outdoor rug to tie it all together to achieve this look.


Los Angeles Skyline Dining

Timeless and elegant metal framework from OW Lee collection.

How do you create an elegant dining experience that can compete with a 5-star restaurant and still be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home? It all starts with setting the atmosphere with superior seating and a flame lit dinner under a starry night.

This look can be accomplished with any of our OW Lee outdoor accommodations like the Classico Swivel Rocker Lounge Chair and Classico Club Dining Arm Chair which both add luxury seating and comfort with high end wrought iron and steel structuring and plush cushions that reflect a 5-star dining experience. When it comes to a dining, this look utilizes the table’s metal framework siding to accent the steel riveting on the lounge chairs for a seamless outdoor furniture set. Then add some romantic accent lighting with two 15” Copper Fire Pillars to set the mood. Add some of your favorite flowers as the centerpiece and this 5-star home dining experience is ready for friends, family, and your significant other to be enjoyed.

A quick note: If you choose outdoor steel furniture, make sure it is coated with a protective agent that prevents sun damage and corrosion. Our OW Lee products are all powder coated with a super polyester powder that protects the frame from outdoor elements. This will make the furniture last for years and provide an aesthetically pleasing outdoor dining experience.


Let's Have a Tea Party

Pawleys Dining Table and Chairs create a great place to enjoy those summer refreshments.

Nothing is better on a hot summer day then an ice-cold refreshment and some great company to go with it. Let’s break out the finger food and set up this look for a summer tea party not to be forgotten.

You may have noticed that most outdoor casual dining tables are bright white--this is because white is a neutral color that reflects the feeling of clean and crisp just like that summer ice-tea. The bright white is also highlighted by the bright sun, almost luring people to come sit and enjoy the bite size appetizers and friendly company. This look utilizes the Pawleys Island 46” x 72” Durawood Dining Table and Pawleys Island Durawood Casual Dining Chairs to create a casual dining experience for an intimate gathering of your closest friends. What’s great about this dining set is how it is made--the eco-friendly durawood poly lumber is made to not splinter, fade, or crack while the hardware is painted with 316 stainless steel to ensure rust protection--this just means less to worry about and more time with friends.

Do you have a large family or want to invite more guests to tea? No need to worry. The Pawleys Island 46” x 96” Durawood Dining Table has all the same benefits of the 46” x 72” table but allows for eight guests to sit comfortably. Don’t pick and choose who you can invite, just select a larger dining table that’s suitable for everyone. This look will bring everyone together and create an entertaining place for gathering on these warm sunny days.


Do You Want to See More?

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Check out even more great looks by visiting our Inspirational Gallery for amazing ideas to inspire you this summer. If you would like to know how you can complete one of these looks in your backyard, simply send us a message via our live chat and mention what collection stood out to you. If you have questions about some of the products highlighted here or want some additional suggestions on updates you can do in your indoor or outdoor areas, our staff is eager to assist you. Give us a call at (866) 587-8538, live chat us, or contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

Main Image: A summer outdoor furniture set with Sanibel Deep Seating Club Chairs by Royal Teak Collection.


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