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    Essentials for Every Backyard

    Now that the time for outdoor entertaining is upon us--is your backyard ready? With summer approaching rapidly, you can expect to be spending a lot of time outdoors, entertaining guests, and enjoying the warm weather. However, it can be hard to fully enjoy your outdoor home experience if you don't have the right equipment to create the ideal space. It is important to make sure you have all the essentials in your backyard space. Creating the perfect backyard getaway can sometimes be a difficult task but fear not, I am here to help you handle the project at hand with ease. No matter the size of your yard or your budget, you have the capacity to make the most out of your backyard and create a style that is all your own. Before you do so, there are a few important boxes you need to check off on your backyard list.


    C-Series Hexagonal Cantilever C02-TK Umbrella Backyard Essentials for EverydayC-Series Hexagonal Cantilever C02-TK Umbrella by FIM Umbrellas

    Due to the summer months approaching, protecting your guests from the elements is crucial. Overhead shade is a necessity for your outdoor space, so consider providing shade with a large cantilever umbrella. These umbrellas are stylish and practical yet hold the ability to rotate 360 degrees, tilt 18 degrees, 26 degrees, and at 54-degree angles. With such versatility, you can provide shade wherever it is needed in your backyard, and angle it to perfectly cover you and your guests even while the sun begins to shift as the day goes on. The more shade you can provide, the more time you can spend in your backyard that you invested so much hard work into. With an umbrella addition, the power of the sun won't be able to drive you inside!


    DC1 Casual Dining Chairs by Pawleys Island Essentials for Every BackyardDuraWood Casual Dining Chair by Pawleys Island

    A wonderful backyard isn't enjoyable without an area for lounging! So, to ensure an excellent backyard experience you must choose the perfect type of seating area. You may find that a few simple lounge chairs will make your space more inviting. Another excellent option is an outdoor sofa which will allow you to engage in lively conversation with friends and family, with the added comfort of deep seating, and lounge qualities. Or, if you are more fixated on social interaction for your outdoor parties, focus on keeping your seating circular with some patio chairs and remember to account for all guest seating so no one is left out.


    Real Flame Fire Pit Essentials for Every Backyard MorrisonMorrison Fire Pit with Cream Tile Top and Gray Frame by Real Flame

    Though temperatures will rise throughout the summer, they will tend to drop after the sun goes down daily and that should be no reason for you and your guests to call it a night! As the perfect solution, I encourage you to warm up around one of our best-selling firepits. With an endless variety to choose from, I guarantee we can find one that will best fit your vision. Fire pits are not only an attractive source of heat, but they serve as a center piece for your backyard. Your guests will gaze in awe as the good times continue and the beautiful colors glow from the blazing fire, which you've created right in your backyard with the flick of a switch.


     Napoleon Grill PRO500 Essentials for Every Backyard Prestige PRO 500 Stainless Steel Gas Grill by Napoleon

    Delicious food is a must for a wonderful gathering with friends or even an outdoor dinner with family to enjoy the space you've created. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to cook up a good meal for everyone to indulge in, is by throwing your food on the grill. Therefore, an outdoor grill is a fine investment, to use your backyard space wisely. Generally, gas-fired grilling poses a clear benefit of being extremely convenient. Simply turning a knob and having a fully adjustable heat source right at your fingertips is hard to beat. Gas grilling is quick and easy, with no briquettes, no lighting, and no wait-time for the coals to glow red hot. Though because gas burns clean, it doesn't convey much flavor to your food items. Charcoal grilling may not be as convenient as gas, but it does boast a benefit of adding rich, smoky flavor. Hot charcoal sears meat easily, engulfing the meats in a caramelized, crunchy exterior with an inner smoky taste. Of course, this does not discredit the fact that charcoal grilling requires much more attention and time than gas grilling.

    Still can't decide? Call us at (866) 578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or live chat us! Our experts will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to turn your vision into a reality.

    Main Image: Napoleon Fire Table by Firetainment


    Starfire Direct

    The talented and knowledgeable staff of Starfire Direct pride themselves on being experts in the field of fire features, outdoor living, and beyond. Always at the forefront of upcoming trends and industry breakthroughs, the team at SD is ready and willing to help you make your dream space a reality, once piece at a time. Our business is helping you to Reignite Your Life.


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