Considerations When Adding an Agio Fire Pit


You have now decided you will be adding an fire pit to your backyard or other outdoor living area as you no longer feel you can live without one. Before you rush out and purchase one of these Agio backyard fire pits, however, there are a number of other decisions you must make. Making these decisions before you shop ensures the trip goes smoothly and may even help to prevent a fight between you and your significant other at the store! Here are the decision you should make BEFORE you head out the door.

How much do you want to spend on your new fire pit? Although you can pick up inexpensive backyard fire pits for around $100 or build one yourself for less, do you really want to do this? Agio makes gorgeous products designed to stand up over time so you won’t be continuously making repairs, worrying about using the fire pit, or have concerns about the safety of others when you are using the pit. Although you can save money at the time of purchase by going with an inexpensive model, chances are you’ll enjoy this backyard addition more if you spend the money and buy a quality fire pit.

Are you looking for a fire pit that can go wherever you go or would you be happier with one that is permanently installed in your yard, possibly as the focal point of your entire landscaping scheme? As with most decisions you must make concerning backyard fire pits, this is a highly personal one. You may wish to have a fire pit that creates a romantic atmosphere for you and your spouse on cool spring and fall nights. Your spouse, however, may want a portable fire pit that can go with you to the cabin, your parents house and anywhere else you may travel. Of course, you can always buy two, but it’s best to know you’ll be doing this before you shop. While making this decision, you’ll also want to decide if you are buying a propane fire pit, one that is wood powered, or one that uses natural gas or coal.

Once you have a better idea of what you are looking for when purchasing a fire pit, you can become more specific. Ask yourself if you want a model with a fire pit table or if you prefer one that is fire glass compatible. The more you decide before you leave the comfort of your home, the easier it will be to choose one of our Agio backyard fire pits when you arrive at the store.


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