Agio’s Contemporary Fire Pits Give Families and Friends a Place to Gather


Any person who has picked up a home magazine lately, watched a decorating show on HGTV or been invited to a backyard party has been exposed to the buzz about contemporary fire pits. A fire pit is the vastly dolled up version of what was once simply a bonfire, and before that, a campfire and/or cooking fire. Ever since time began, human beings have been gathering around a fire for warmth, to cook, and for fellowship, or to exchange greetings or the day’s news, as well as information. Where the cave man perhaps informed his neighbor where the bison were congregating prior to the next day’s hunt, today, the men exchange info on their favorite sports teams while the women share information about back to school sales. People, for all their trappings, have essentially changed very little. One thing that has changed not at all is how much people enjoy gathering around a fire.

A fire pit, essentially, is any contrived and engineered area out-of-doors where a fire can be burned. A fire pit can be a hole dug in the ground, ringed with rocks all the way up to a costly enclosure made of specially mined granite and filled with spectacular fire glass that gives the appearance of being as precious as a container filled with valuable gemstones! Contemporary fire pits can be fueled by wood, propane or natural gas, and while it is possible to roast a hot-dog over a wood fire pit or to toast an occasional marshmallow, most fire pits fires are intended to provide atmosphere and warmth. Most people prefer to use barbecue grills for cooking, and many outdoor entertainment areas manage to incorporate both a fire glass compatible fire pit as well as a grill for cooking.

The interior of a propane fire pit consists of steel tubing for the piping of the liquid propane. The height of the flame is controlled by the amount of gas emitted, which in turn, is governable via remote control. This tubing is covered by artificial ceramic “logs”, lava rocks, or with specially tempered glass fragments known as fire glass, most often used in contemporary fire pits. Fire glass is reminiscent of gemstones, and glimmers in the firelight, refracting the light and creating an awe-inspiring ambiance unique unto itself. Some clear and/or white fire glass gives the appearance of being diamonds, or else ice that never melts!

For those who aren’t certain they’ll use a fire pit enough to warrant the cost of a custom install, Agio’s contemporary fire pits offer a number of different options for you to study. A portable fire pit can be moved from location to location around your pool, deck and garden area until the just the right permanent “home” for it emerges. A beautiful back yard fire pit is a great opportunity to not only to make loads of great memories with your friends and family, but it’s also an investment in the quality of your own life that you’ll never regret.


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