Adventure Awaits: Jesse Warner of Starfire Direct

For those with a spirit of adventure, life is never boring. No matter where life takes them, they find enjoyment in the experience. For Jesse Warner, exploration of self and the world is the key to unlocking your full potential. From cars and motorcycles to his own outlook and perspective, Jesse is always working hard toward improvement—in his personal life and in his work with Starfire Direct.

Jesse has been a part of the Starfire Direct family for almost six years. He has watched the company grow and evolve from a small startup to the well-oiled machine that has taken the ecommerce world by storm. As the Purchasing Manager, Jesse oversees the meticulous day-to-day processing of orders and communication with vendors, development of Starfire Designs products, and plays an essential connecting role between departments. Jesse is also the resident office IT whiz, famous for his classic line, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” To state it plainly, there is very little in the goings on at Starfire Direct that Jesse does not have a hand in. Through his many ideas and drive toward development, he has been a force of change in the company that will leave a meaningful impact long after he’s bid us a fond farewell—which we hope to be far away in the future. In his own words, “My focus has been driving product and operational improvements. Teaming up with manufacturers to make changes that improve customer satisfaction, improve the product, reduce our carbon footprint, have fewer issues, and overall improve the customer experience.” Above all, Jesse’s goal is always making things better. And for him, progress begins at an interpersonal level—with the team that surrounds him at Starfire Direct. “Through it all, I have seen one thing remain constant: We have focused on building good relationships.” With Jesse’s incredible work ethic and an equally incredible team around him, there is no limit to what this company can accomplish.

From left to right: Jesse and his wife Chante visiting Paris, Jesse enjoying the city view from a swanky stoop, and Jesse out on a dirt bike adventure.

When the work is done, the real adventure begins. “I love building and improving,” Jesse reflects, “That keeps me interested in things like building cars and motorcycles. There isn't anything I own that I can leave stock.” With a healthy love of the great outdoors, Jesse finds himself at home on a dirt bike, surfboard, or a snowboard. His energy is one of constant movement—always growing and expanding. With movement in mind, another of Jesse’s favorite hobbies is travel. “Exploring is the best part of travel,” Jesse adds, “My wife and I love to travel…I’ve been fortunate to see a lot. We try to go to as many places as we can that we have not been to before.” Jet setting overseas to experience the romance of Paris, across the country to exciting New York City, upstate to the beaches of Monterrey, or across town to the foodie-paradise of Old Town Temecula—Jesse knows that life is all about the adventure. And with the right attitude, any experience can be an adventure and opportunity to grow.

From left to right: The Warners visiting Disneyland, and the two working on a Disney-related mural together.

Besides his globetrotting and need-for-speed outdoor hobbies, Jesse has a heart for the arts. “I went to college with a focus on art. Which really came in handy when I met my future wife who is a mural artist,” Jesse remembers, “So even though I am not in a field related to my college degree, I get to use that experience to create and help my wife on her big mural projects. It’s a lot of hard work but really fun to be able to do that with her.” While Jesse may not be in a field directly related to his art degree, he uses his artistic eye every day at Starfire Direct. In this business, aesthetics are huge. A product may be well made, but if it doesn’t look good on your patio or in your fireplace, who really wants it? Jesse’s creativity takes center stage with the product lines he acquires and develops for the site.

From left to right: The Warner's backyard getaway includes a concrete fire pit, Tucker their long haired daschund enjoying a picnic, and Jesse and Chante spending an afternoon outdoors.

Away from work and vacation time, Jesse’s home life is a zoo. Well, a small farm anyway. Jesse and his wife have spent the past years gathering all kinds of feathered, furry, and mammalian friends to live with them on their property. They have ducks and chickens, and even had a pig at one time. Their bountiful and beautiful garden is purposefully designed to attract as many birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other critters as possible. Even with all of this glorious fauna surrounding them, the true MVP of the Warner household is their loyal dachshund Tucker.

Above all, Jesse Warner strives to be better. In all aspects of his life, improvement and developing himself come to the forefront. In business and in his family life, having a positive attitude means everything. He brings a certain forward-thinking and momentum to Starfire Direct that is refreshing in so many ways. “Starfire is always growing and evolving. One of the things I enjoy the most is the drive to keep progressing and getting better.” There seems to be no better place for this positive force than a garage-startup-turned-industry-giant like Starfire Direct. In the poetic parting words of Jesse Warner, “Staying optimistic about what is possible means nothing is impossible.”

Main Image: Jesse under the Eiffel Towel during a trip to Paris.


Katrina McBreen