10 Reasons We Love the Fall Season

Fall is the quintessential warm and cozy time of year. Everything about this season makes us feel, eat, and do things that we wouldn’t just do any ole time of the year. It's an incredibly special couple of months that many cherish and look forward to all year 'round. Why is there so much hype around this season? We'll give you ten reasons! We've compiled a list of our absolute favorite things about this time of year, including some personal insights from our very own Starfire Direct employees. Put on your flannel, grab your pumpkin spiced latte, and let's take a trip through all the fall feels. 

1. The Weather

Baltic Fire TableCooler evenings mean more nights cuddled in your loveseat by the fire. Featured product: Real Flame Baltic Fire Table

The number one thing people say when asked why they love fall is the weather. Sasha, one of our Sales Representatives, says, "I love the cooler weather, so I can ride my motorcycle again." After summertime, we crave that crisp and comforting chill in the air. Going to dinner and sitting by the fire under the stars on a brisk date night enhances that snuggly ambiance. We live for those fall moments like a storm, the clouds reflect off the wet concrete and the air has that "just rained" scent. The colorful leaves crunch beneath your feet as you walk through town while the breeze nips at your cheeks. This is, indeed, one of the best benefits of fall.

2. Warmer Palette

Speaking of leaves, color has a huge association with fall. Green begins to turn to burnt orange and yellow. Petals and leaves slowly float down and rest at the base of each tree. "I just like the feeling of fall. The reds, the yellows, the browns.." says one of our warehouse workers, John, while anticipating the cool season. However, nature isn’t the only thing that changes its color scheme during this time of year. Decor and fashion take a major shift from vibrant glows and cool pastels to warm hues and deep jewel tones. Everywhere you look is painted in splendid fall colors.

3. Fall Wardrobe

Now that we have you dreaming of warmer shades and hues, dust off your boots and unpack your chunky sweaters. Fall is a time for comfort and effortless style. Nothing celebrates cooler weather like wrapping yourself up in a scarf, throwing on a beanie, and bundling up in a cozy jacket. Not to mention that when you're working with layers, there are endless possibilities. Our Ecommerce Team especially adores layering up any chance they get.

4. Travel Perks

BostonBoston, Massachusetts has some of the most beautiful and colorful scenery in the fall.

If you're a savvy traveler, you may already know that this is the prime time to take a load off. Rather than riding the summer vacation wave, opt for some time during the fall. When you skip peak season, your budget will thank you. Depending on your destination, you can be saving big bucks by adjusting your vacation time frame. More so, you can avoid the overwhelming crowds of summer tourists. If you're visiting a location you've already seen during warmer seasons, this could be the perfect opportunity to experience the same scenery with a completely different vibe.

5. Pumpkin Pandemonium 

This classic seasonal tradition needs no introduction. When fall hits, make way for the abundant supply of pumpkin-flavored treats. From frothy drinks to breads and oatmeal, you can find this fall staple on shelves everywhere. We just can't get enough of that spiced pumpkin taste. Some companies have even taken it a step further by creating pumpkin-inspired chips, spirits, and even pasta! It has become quite the craze and we’re pumped to see what they'll come up with next.

6. The Feels

Just imagining the arrival of fall is enough to put an eager grin on our faces. Picturing the scenery, anticipating the different foods and everything that embodies the season brings pure joy to our hearts. Maybe it's the relief from the summer heat, but everyone seems to be a bit more upbeat. Many community events and activities such as corn mazes, hoedowns, and pop-up shops take place during the fall. While walking through stores with warm decor and observing the people around you, you can't help but feel the mood being lifted as the season gets closer. Once it arrives, there is a tangible bustling and cheery atmosphere.

7. Closer Times

Sonoma PergolaFamily and friends enjoying a warm fire under the Sonoma Wood Pergola.

Accompanying this lighthearted vibe is a sense of closeness that comes over us during the fall. Stephany, one of our Ecommerce Specialists, says, "It seems to be a time when people come together. People tend to hang out in a cluster near the heater." Not only does the fall season bring family and friends around the bonfire, but romance is looming in the air as well. There's even a name for it: cuffing season. This term was created for the seasonal period where singles notoriously find themselves seeking to be “cuffed” or “tied down” by a serious relationship. When we think about snuggling by the fire with a hot cocoa, we can relate.

8. Sporting Events

It is a time-honored tradition for many to associate sports with the fall. I’m sure you’ve noticed the gleam in certain peoples’ eyes when you mention the start of football season. It’s a time of friendly competitive banter, barbecued burgers, and tailgating shenanigans. Aside from football, perhaps your kids or family members are involved in fall sports like field hockey or soccer. These are all fun and interactive outdoor activities that build on the excitement of this season!

9. Indoor Activities

If you’re a homebody, this season is your best friend. Now's your chance to stay indoors, snack on pumpkin bread, and binge watch that tv series everyone’s been talking about. Emily, our Lead Ecommerce Specialist, shares, “I love the change in weather that makes it acceptable for me to curl up in a blanket with a good book.” In the fall, feel free to cozy up on the sofa with your pet and simply relax. Or invite your friends over for some indoor entertainment such as board games, seasonal cocktails, and one of your favorite fall flicks. This could be a prime opportunity to update your fireplace to keep you and your company toasty all the way through winter.

10. The Eats

Fall EatsA table covered in fall treats including pumpkin pie, bread, and cake.

If you’re going to have a gathering, you’ll need to supply some Autumn-esque treats. Our Office Manager, Dalia, admits she can’t resist the baked goods that come with this time of year. One of our greatest delights is fall food! Along with the pumpkin extravaganza, we crave meals and beverages that give us that warm and fuzzy sensation. For many of us at Starfire Direct, these include turkey dinner, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon tea, and chicken noodle soup to name a few. On top of that, there are so many seasonal fruits and vegetables that make our inner comfort foodie sing. Sweet potatoes, squash, and apples are all fantastic fall eats. The most rewarding thing is a day of apple picking followed by making your own caramel apples or baking a pie and serving it a la mode. We’re drooling just thinking about it! 

Even die-hard summer fans must admit that there’s a lot that fall has to offer. We really enjoy sharing our company’s favorites with you. If you need us, we’ll be over here next to the camp fire enjoying some pumpkin-flavored s’mores. To make your fall the best one yet, contact one of our experts for advice on decor or seasonal outdoor items. You can reach us by phone at (866) 578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or chat with us live on our website. 

Header Image: A young girl collects fall leaves in her little red wagon.


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