Infratech 3 Zone Home Management Control Box

Infratech 3 Zone Home Management Control Box

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Infratech 3 Zone Home Management Control Box

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Comfort and control for your home is now even more possible thanks to the American made Infratech 3 Zone Home Management Control Box.This control panel is designed to be used with your home's automation system, and this device integrates with some of leading names in the home automation industry, including Lutron and Crestron. Offering a vast selection of options and heating configurations, this control panel will help you save your money and energy.

This control box's interface uses a 0-10V DC signal for streamlined installation and easy to use programming and setting features. This product is UL listed, and it is also compatible for use with off-site settings for your IPhone device.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:"Zone"refers to the area where the heater will be mounted and where the heat will be distributed.?Only a 9,000 Watt Maximum is permitted per zone. For example, if you were to use multiple heaters in one zone, the heaters would require even Watt distribution between each. For example, using three heaters would require that each be 3,000 Watts. Two heaters would require each at 4,500 Watts, etc.

Product Features:

  • 9,000 Watt Maximum per zone
  • Nema 4 Enclosure
  • 0-10V DC Input Required
  • UL Listed
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA



ManufacturerInfratech Comfort
location Outdoor

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