When choosing a sectional with a chaise lounge, you will often have the choice of selecting either a right-arm orientation or a left-arm orientation. This will determine which side of your sectional the chaise lounge will be situated. For a left-arm sectional, the chaise lounge will be on the left side of the piece. Subsequently, for a right-arm sectional, the longer chaise lounge section of your piece will be located on the right side.

There are a few factors to consider in choosing your sectional's orientation. If you will be combining your sectional with other pieces, make sure to choose the opposite orientation to where you would like your other pieces to sit. For example, if you would like your other sectional pieces to sit to the right of your chaise sectional, choose a left-arm orientation. In addition, it is important to consider the orientation of your room and the flow of foot traffic through your space.


Katrina McBreen

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