Why Many Are Switching to Fire Glass


Traditional fire pits are a beautiful addition to any landscape, yet, over time you may find you want to mix up the look of the fire pit, and you aren’t sure how to go about doing so. An easy way to change the look of this architectural feature is to use fireplace glass rather than logs or other fuel sources. Most find broken pieces of  tempered fire glass to be a good choice as it will last forever and it isn’t very costly. One major benefit is that the fire glass is very efficient and it is environmentally friendly so you can use the fire pit every day without worrying about harm to the planet. No harmful fumes are released, and you breathe in clean fresh air.

Change the Look of Your Fire Feature

Another major benefit of using fireplace glass is that it increases the elegance and ambiance of the fire feature. As soon as you light the fire, the glass begins to illuminate the area, adding a glow to the outdoor living space, one that cannot be replicated in other ways. The key to getting the best results is to use high quality fire glass, although you do have the option of combining traditional fire glass with eco glass for cost savings. You can choose from a range of colors to provide the desired effect also, such as using blue or green glass near a pool or other water feature. Fire glass samples may be obtained to allow you to choose a number of combinations before settling on one.

Using fireplace glass is very safe. Care must be taken with this glass, as with any glass product, and one can’t use any glass they have lying around the house. The reason for this is many glass products are now treated. For example, mirrored glass has a film over it. If you attempt to burn a broken mirror, you could unintentionally release poisonous gases into the air. The glass may pop and sends pieces into the air, where they could hurt someone enjoying the beauty and warmth of the fire pit. Another downside of using glass from around the house is it could melt and turn black, a very unattractive sight in your fire pit.

Strengthened Heat Output

Fireplace glass is more efficient when it comes to encouraging heat than artificial logs or wood. Glass is known to radiate heat and the heat that radiates from the fuel and off of the glass is continuous. Nothing is there to block the radiant heat produced by the flame, which allows you to optimize your flames. Furthermore, there is very little maintenance when one chooses to use fire glass in a fire pit. The glass may become dirty if it isn’t used for a period of time, but a quick wash with dish detergent and water and the glass is as good a new. Other than this, you don’t have to do anything to keep the fire glass looking great.

Consider making the switch to fireplace glass. There are many benefits to doing so. Once you see how great it looks in your fire pit, you’ll wonder why you used anything else in the past.


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