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      What to Know About Propane Tank Fire Pits


      Having a fire pit in your backyard gives you a place where you and your family can relax virtually every night of the year. From neighborhood barbecues, to pool parties, to after-dinner drinks with your significant other, your pit plays an integral role in entertainment, as well.

      When you are searching for a new outdoor fireplace or pit for your yard, you can choose between a wood-burning solution and one that runs on propane or natural gas. Researching your options allows you to find the one that is perfect for you and your family. Propane fire pits continue to be popular choices due to their convenience, affordability, and portability.


      Convenience and Quality in One

      Getting a high quality fire pit is the top requirement on your list, but you also want one that is easy to maintain and use. This is where propane pits shine. You are able to get the size, shape, and style of fire pit you want, with the convenience that propane tanks bring. Rather than having to purchase and store firewood or connect to a natural gas line, you simply hook up the pit to a standard 20-lb. propane tank.

      When the tank is empty, it is easy and cost-effective to exchange it for a new one at your local hardware store or gas station. In addition, you gain the ability to control the height of the flame, and turn the fire on and off with ease.

      Save Money Without Sacrificing Style

      A myth about fire pits is that you can’t get the style you want without shelling out the big bucks. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. You are able to select propane as your fuel type for a number of pits available from Starfire Direct, ensuring you get the exact one that will be perfect in your yard.

      Buying a propane pit does more than make it easy to refuel when needed. You’ll save a large amount of upfront installation costs over natural gas pits because since you won’t need to run an expensive gas line. By filling your new pit with fire glass, you also get a visual upgrade over wood pits and don’t have to deal with the hassle of stoking the fire and cleaning up ash afterward.

      Portability Gives You Infinite Options


      Since propane fire pits are not reliant on a natural gas line in order to operate, many are fairly portable. This means that over time you are able to change the location of the pit from one part of your yard to another. Should you decide to move, you can bring your pit to your new home without having to reinvest in a new setup, whereas a natural gas fire pit would have to stay put.

      Being able to redesign the layout of your yard on the fly opens up a number of new options when it comes to entertainment and landscaping. Propane pits are excellent for families wanting a stylish outdoor solution that is affordable and easy to maintain. Get more information on the benefits of propane pits and learn more about different styles by contacting a Starfire Direct representative today at (866) 578-8538.


      Starfire Direct

      The talented and knowledgeable staff of Starfire Direct pride themselves on being experts in the field of fire features, outdoor living, and beyond. Always at the forefront of upcoming trends and industry breakthroughs, the team at SD is ready and willing to help you make your dream space a reality, once piece at a time. Our business is helping you to Reignite Your Life.


      • Starfire Direct | Jun 15, 2020

        Hello Judy,

        It is certainly possible to do this, but the flame will be a bit lackluster—not the best for ambiance—and since your fire pit likely has a very large burner, it will go through that single 20 lb tank very quickly. If you’re set on avoiding the larger tank, you may be able to hook up two 20 lb tanks, which will help provide a better flame and longer burn time. We do offer all of the components you’d need to complete such a setup, so if you’re interested in using the two 20 lb tanks, I’d recommend giving our team a call (866-578-8538) or live chatting us on our site to go through your requirements and get you the necessary parts.

        Thank you for leaving a comment, and I hope we’ll be the ones to assist you with your setup!

      • Judy | Jun 15, 2020

        If I have a 10′ × 3′ fire pit, can I use a 20 lb propane tank instead of a 100 lb tank? I’ll only be using it about once a weekend for a couple of hours and I’m not looking for heat, just ambiance. Thanks.

      • Starfire Direct | Jun 08, 2020

        Hi Donna,

        So long as you have a designated hard line for your new propane tank, and so long as you have the correct hoses and fittings, you should absolutely be able to use those 100 lb tanks.

        Our Sales team would be happy to walk though your new setup with you, to make sure you have any missing hoses or fittings you may require. Please feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-578-8538 or live chatting us on starfiredirect.com.

      • Donna Sweed | Jun 08, 2020
        We have a pool with 2 100lb propane tanks for heat ,those tank also are used for our fire pit, that pit is destroyed we purchased a new one but with a place for a 20lb canister , can we just hook,it to the hose that connects to our 100lb tanks?
      • Starfire Direct | May 14, 2020

        Hi Kevin,
        Technically yes, you could convert your fire pit to propane and hide the tank under the pan and burner. Some things to keep in mind however is that a standard 5 gallon propane tank usually needs to be in a fire pit approximately 24" tall, the propane tank has to stand up in the fire pit to work properly. Also, you will have to change the tank out regularly so you will want easy access to the space underneath, this is why our hidden tank fire pits always have an access door. Here is a link to our video on how to safely build a propane fire pit:

        If you have any additional questions please feel free to call and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

        Starfire Direct

      • kevin | May 14, 2020

        i have existing concrete wood burning fire pit. Can i install burner pan, gas burner etc and hide the tank under the burner pan? with the proper ventilation.

      • Starfire Direct | Mar 21, 2019

        Hi Robert,
        Yes you can cook hot dogs and marshmallows over a gas fire pit. The flame produced would be similar to a BBQ’s flame. Wind Guards can be a great add on to a fire pit. Not only do they keep the flame from blowing out, they also help draft the flame straight up instead of it blowing to the side. They are also a nice accessory if you have children you want to keep from putting their hands too close to the fire.

      • Robert Jessey | Mar 21, 2019

        can you cook hot dogs or marshmallows over a gas fire pit
        is the glass wind protector a good investment

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