Utilizing Your Fire Place Mantel

 What used to be the center of the traditional home, has now evolved to a prestigious home addition that is common in many elegant homes. Homeowners have developed a deep liking for fire places and mantels and have come up with elaborate sleekly designed fire place mantels for their homes. What was a simple functional addition to the home has now become a center of aesthetic superiority and a lavished home addition device.

The truth is with modern heating technologies the functional significance of the fire place has faded away, as they are increasingly being used as decorative additions rather than for heating. However one thing that homeowners have failed to realize that apart from playing this decorative role the fire place can also be used as space to store and deposit items and clutter.

Before you start thinking of making the fire place your personal dumping ground you should first  consider  how elegant it will be, to display you tasteful art possession in this space. The subsequent paragraphs will give you some tips that will help you make the best out of your fire place.

Tips for utilizing your fireplace

Strike a balance- the key towards enhancing the aesthetic appeal of you fire place lies in striking a balance between accentuating the beauty and drawing the viewer’s attention. This can be achieved by placing a mirror on the fire place mantel. A huge four sided mirror can add that touch of beauty to your fire place mantel.

Put several items on the fire place Mantel- one way that you can improve the beauty of your fire place is to put several items over the fire place mantel. More commonly, candles are placed on the mantel and lit, making it the central, unique source of light when the room is dimmed.

Add decorative objects on the mantel- lastly you should consider adding decorative items such as fire glass on the mantel. This will give your fireplace that all important festive look. The fire place mantel can also act as good place to display your family photos and other memorable items.
As you do all these things always remember that the key lies in establishing the proper balance. Do not over do anything.


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