The Ventless Gas Fireplace Is Perfect for Your Apartment

 Renting an apartment can be a great choice for those who aren’t yet ready to purchase a home. You can enjoy your place without having to permanently settle, and there are sometimes other perks, such as maintenance and utilities being included at no extra charge. However, one negative of renting is that you are not usually allowed to make major renovations to the home, including remodeling to add a new fireplace. In the past, this would have meant relying on a heater to warm your home, but thanks to the ventless gas fireplace, there is now another option.

Why Are Ventless Fireplaces Great for Apartments?

Although some modern apartments do come with built-in fireplaces, most do not. This makes a ventless gas fireplace a perfect option. A ventless gas fireplace is a stand-alone unit that can usually be placed in any location as long as there is a natural-gas or propane line nearby. If there isn’t, you might want to consider an ethanol or gel-based fireplace, which has many of the same benefits as a ventless gas fireplace but doesn’t require an additional fuel line, giving you even more versatility.

1. No Lugging Heavy Firewood Upstairs

Even if your apartment does come with a fireplace, lugging firewood up to your floor (and figuring out where to store it when not in use) could prove to be very tiring. A ventless gas fireplace will save you a lot of time and hassle. The best part is, we can install a ventless fireplace directly into your existing hearth, making it much easier to create ambiance and heat in your apartment.

2. Bring Them If You Move

If you owned a home and had a traditional wood-burning fireplace installed, all of that hard work and money would be lost if you ever had to move. If you invest in one of our free-standing ventless fireplaces, it will be easy to pack up and bring with you to your next home.

3. They Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

If you regularly burn wood in a traditional fireplace, you will often need to shovel out the ash and soot. This is enough of a hassle in a house, but if you live in an upstairs apartment, getting that ash down to the dumpster could prove to be an annoying and messy process. If you choose a ventless gas fireplace, very little maintenance will be needed. You should clean the logs and have carbon monoxide monitors checked once per year, but other than that, you will be free to enjoy your fireplace without any hassle.


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