The Top 5 Artisan Fire Pits

What comes to mind when you think of a standard fire pit? It's probably square or rectangular, or maybe a cylinder. It might be a simple gas burner housed in aluminum with a decorative top. Think you've seen them all? Think again! Five of my favorite artisan fire pits can be found right here at Starfire Direct and these models have elevated my opinion of what a fire feature can be.

When I encounter an artist who forges a unique decorative or functional element by hand, I am suddenly inspired to create a scene. Such craftsmanship provides a focal point upon which to build harmony in our homes, indoors and out. With a captivating, artisanal fire feature in view, other elements suddenly fall into place: a winding sweet pea on a trellis here, several iron chairs with scroll work there, slate pavers under foot.... With this in mind, before you decide on a run-of-the-mill fire pit, I urge you to consider the following:


1) The 30" Square Cor-Ten Steel Fire Pit, by Bentintoshape, was the first unconventional firepit I encountered at Starfire Direct. I did a double-take while clicking through pages of the usual offerings. The name of the manufacturer is your first clue to the spirit of this piece. Literally hand-crafted from Cor-Ten Steel to create clean, zen-inspired lines, this Bentintoshape 30" Square is anything but ordinary. The finish is what takes the 30" Square from merely interesting, to a piece of art. Cor-Ten steel develops a pleasing, rust-like patina over time so no two pieces are ever the same. This sturdy, picturesque fire feature can be adapted to your needs with fuel options in wood, propane, or natural gas. Add the contrasting sparkle of fire glass or use lava rocks to match the 30" Square's natural inspiration. Once you've decided on a location, I bet you can clearly imagine the possibilities for the instant scene it creates.


2) When a fire pit doubles as a table, there is always the risk of melting your cheese or warming your dry martini (no rocks) on its narrow edge. As artisan tables go, The Metropolis Concrete Fire Table by Elementi wins the prize for functionality and originality combined. Made from an eco-friendly, sustainable stone product, this efficient fire table provides 45,000 BTUs of heat while giving you plenty of elbow room to enjoy a meal or game of cards. Simply sitting dormant, this monolithic structure is an instant focal point reminiscent of Japanese rock gardens. I imagine the Metropolis Concrete Fire Table upon a bed of finely ground decomposed granite, encircled by sparse bursts of sea grass and some low voltage up-lighting.


3) A discussion of artisan fire pits would be incomplete without recognizing Fire Pit Art's enchanting, gas-fueled Third Rock Fire Pit. The globe structure is like no other fire feature I've ever seen, with flames that dance through the continents from its fiery core. Like the 30" Square Cor-Ten, the Third Rock Fire Pit is maintenance-free with a finish that weathers over time to a beautiful iron oxide patina. You can study the color changes weathering produces here. The creative folks over at Fire Pit Art thought of everything with this model. A sturdy, solid brass burner is included with your purchase of the gas model. This burner produces big flames with high efficiency. The Third Rock is available in Match Lit or AWEIS Electronic ignition. Or, if you are a fire pit purist, the wood burning model may be more your style. Whatever version you choose, if your yard sports a Third Rock Fire Pit, it won't be easily forgotten.


4) The Plaza Moreno Copper Fire Pit by Starfire Designs takes hand-crafting to a new level. Made of hand-hammered copper with an oil rubbed bronze finish, each firepit is finished with a wax seal for lasting preservation. Available in match-lit ignition or push-button spark, the Plaza Moreno Copper Fire Pit adapts to your outdoor situation easily, adding a touch of rustic charm. Unlike some of the flashier selections on my Top 5 Artisan Fire Pits list, all of Starfire Designs' Copper Fire Pits make a subtle, classy statement. Personalize it with your own design elements. I would answer the Plaza Moreno's unique artisanal flare with several Monterra Swivel Rockers by OW Lee and a matching elegant Monterra Sofa. Speaking of individual touches, a great way to gear your fire feature toward your personal style is the addition of fire glass. With so many colors and textures available, you can change the appearance of the Plaza Moreno Copper Fire Pit as many times as there are choices.


5) And finally, the maverick on the list, OFYR. Here is a hand-built, sturdy option that invites you to a barbeque! There are several designs to choose from, but I prefer the minimalist OFYR Classic Storage 100-100 Grill. This completely extraordinary fire feature is made of CorTen steel with a carbon steel cooking plate and an open base for storing wood. OFYR's tagline is "The art of social grilling" and the word art is there for a reason. As functional as it is, the Classic Storage 100-100 Grill stands like a sculpture in the garden. Imagine wild flowers growing around its base with a stepping stone path leading up to it. Perhaps a Skipper Teak Bench or two with a well-placed table such as the Miami Teak Round Side Table by Royal Teak to complete a little paradise for lunch in the garden.


Your home and yard are a unique reflection of you. Each element you display tells a story of your personality, interests, and stylistic leanings. The next time you have a quiet moment, look around your home and yard. What does the space you inhabit say about you? Some of us are eclectic when it comes to decorating and others choose a style and stick with it. Whichever camp describes you, there are so many mass-manufactured choices available everywhere you look, wouldn't it be a shame to settle for convention? With a hand-built, artisan fire pit in your outdoor space, you can appreciate a bit of art every day. The team at Starfire Direct is happy to help you make the right selection for your space. Give us a call at (866) 578-8538 .


Lisa Sellge