Top 10 Must Have Grilling Accessories

Are you a proficient outdoor griller? If you are or aren't, much of your grilling mastery will come from the use of effective grilling accessories. Charred, excellently cooked meats stem from incorporating quality racks, grill toppers, and other useful accessories into your grilling method.

The process of grilling an outstanding meal is important, and the right setup and tools are even more crucial for creating the perfect outcome. Not only can these essential tools elevate the taste of your grilled foods, but it can turn your grilling procedure into a breeze. There are many ways to create the perfect grilling experience, and I am here to walk you through the various options.

Napoleon Grilling Accessories Pictured left to right: Tomato and Peppers Roast Rack by Napoleon, Himalayan Salt Block with Pro Grill Topper by Napoleon.

Napoleon Tomato and Peppers Roast Rack

Grilling isn't only for the meat lovers! The Napoleon Tomato and Peppers Roast Rack is perfect for roasting and serving up healthy sides and delicious veggie snacks for the whole family. This grilling accessory is necessary for pairing roasted vegetables with steak, chicken, or rice! This item allows for convenient roasting of tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers without applying direct contact with the grill surface. This roast rack includes various sized openings to hold a variety of veggies of all shapes and sizes, bringing your cooking to a whole new level. Your guests will be fascinated by the variety you can bring to the table with the Napoleon Tomato and Peppers Roast Rack. 

Napoleon Himalayan Salt Block with Pro Grill Topper

Next up, is the Napoleon Himalayan Salt Block with Pro Grill Topper which is perfect for achieving a tasty sear on your shrimp or scallops. First off, this Himalayan Salt Block is amazing because Himalayan Pink Salts add nutritious minerals to food, while providing excellent heat distribution. In addition, this accessory retains temperature longer and effectively cures food by contact. Furthermore, this salt block is great for use on either gas or charcoal grills, and even doubles as an attractive serving platter.


Blog Post Grill Acc. Turkey Pot Pictured left to right: Turkey Frying Pot by Fire Magic, Motorized Hood Kit for Echelon Grills by Fire Magic.

Fire Magic Motorized Hood Kit for Echelon Grills

Do you ever reach out to lift your grill hood, but your hands are full of plates with prepped food? The Fire Magic Motorized Hood Kit for Echelon Grills easily fixes the problem of having to manually lift your grill hood each time. This kit includes all that you need to complete the simple installation for your Echelon Grill. After it's installed, all you need to do is push a button and your grill hood lifts and closes itself conveniently. In addition, the switch feature reduces the need for continuously opening and closing the grill hood by hand. The hands-free technology makes the cleanup process almost non-existent. No more wiping down fingerprint marks!

Fire Magic Turkey Frying Pot

Who said you can't enjoy juicy fried foods at a BBQ? If you are looking to impress your guests with a hearty meal, then the Fire Magic Turkey Frying Pot is an excellent option. The Frying Pot is ideal for creating tender, deep-fried turkey, pairable with steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes. This multi-functional fryer doubles as a pot for boiling sweet corn on the cob or crab stew. The stainless steel construction makes cleanup easy and ensures the frying or boiling process is consistent throughout.

Napoleon Grilling Pizza Kit Accessories Pictured from left to right: Pro Series Stainless Steel Rotating Skewer Rack by Napoleon, Charcoal Starter by Napoleon, Pizza Lovers Starter Kit by Napoleon.

Napoleon Pro Series Stainless Steel Rotating Skewer Rack

Kebabs are always an essential at backyard outings, but the efforts in achieving the perfectly cooked chicken and green pepper kebabs can be tiresome. The Napoleon Pro Series Stainless Steel Rotating Skewer Rack can establish an impeccable rotation and evenly cooked meat and vegetables. This skewer rack eliminates risks of flare ups and immoderate heat distribution. The simple push-pull motion simultaneously rotates the skewers while allowing the handles to remain cool without the risk of burning your hands and allows for maximum grilling efficiency.

Napoleon Charcoal Starter

If you enjoy the infused flavorings that charcoal grilling offers, then consider the Napoleon Charcoal Starter which makes lighting coals extremely simple. Whether you're hosting a party or taking the grill to the lake for the weekend, this item is convenient and portable. To use the Napoleon Charcoal Starter, all you need to do is insert a small amount of crumpled paper with charcoal briquettes and ignite! For an impressive flavor combination that will enhance meats and veggies with a smoky essence, infuse the briquettes with wood chips. In addition, it eliminates the need for lighter fluid which ultimately reduces the prepping process to ensure you a quick startup. With the Napoleon Charcoal Starter, you won't have to worry about giving up the flavorful taste and aroma so unique to charcoal grilling.

Napoleon Pizza Lovers Starter Kit

Are you a pizza devotee? The Napoleon Pizza Lovers Starters Kit is an excellent choice for the serious pizza lover. Converting a Napoleon gas grill is easy with this Pizza Lover Kit, the foundation of the baking oven begins with the 12.5" pizza stone. The pizza stone features a porous surface making it a proper conductor of heat and simultaneously withstands the high temperatures inside your grill. Included in the kit is a stainless-steel pizza peel allowing easy serving without risk of dropping. In addition, this kit comes with a pizza wheel and cheese grater, perfect for adding the finishing touch on your gourmet pizzas.

Blog Post Grill Acc. Woodchips Smoker BoxPictured left to right: Stainless Steel Smoker Box by Blaze Outdoor Products (wood chips sold separately), Whiskey Oak Wood Chips by Napoleon.

Blaze Stainless Steel Smoker Box

An excellent way to infuse your foods with intense flavoring is to use a smoker box, and one of the best is the Blaze Stainless Steel Smoker Box. This smoker box is built for endurance with its 304 stainless steel construction and is an excellent add-on feature for your grill. This item is extremely easy to use by just placing the stainless-steel smoker box in your grill and filling it with your favorite flavoring wood chips. This smoker box is ideal for slowly smoldering foods and helps produce a delicious, smoky essence perfect for mixing and experimenting with new flavors. Due to the welded seams, this accessory allows you to also use liquids for steaming options that pair perfectly for steamed vegetables. No matter what your signature dishes are, this product is sure to fit your needs.

Napoleon Whiskey Oak Wood Chips

A great way to add smoky and savory flavors to your cooking is to infuse it with wood chips! If you're looking to add some extra flavor to your grilling, the Napoleon Whiskey Oak Wood Chips complements all types of foods with an elevated smoky profile. Due to the smooth whiskey flavor, these wood chips pair great with steak and vegetables. An interesting way to further infuse your foods is to soak some wine, beer, or your favorite juices in to your wood chips before grilling. The soaking process adds a unique smoky aroma and is certain to enhance your palate. Use the Napoleon Whiskey Oak Wood Chips to pair with all types of foods to ensure an exalted flavor to your grilled meals.  

Grilling Acc. Blog Post Roast RackPro Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack by Napoleon.

Napoleon Pro Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack

The taste created by cooking ribs or roast on a grill is hard to beat, and sometimes you can't get the perfectly cooked roast without the mess. Whether it's a gas grill or charcoal grill, the Napoleon Pro Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack can be used with any heat source. You can even use the smoker to achieve a delicious smoked chicken. Constructed of stainless steel, this product will remain durable and easy to clean, not only because of the material but because it will keep you from having to spend hours cleaning up a messy grill. Besides being easy to clean, this roast rack ensures an even heating for a juicy, tenderness consistent throughout your favorite meats.

Ultimately, your grilling experience is determined by the tools you use and your preparation. Whether you're a grill master or new to entertaining, it is necessary to consider all the essential components to achieve the perfect grilled meals. Especially when you are grilling for a backyard party, having the tools to relieve the stress is quite advantageous. Our helpful experts would be happy to help you find the gear necessary to make your grilling experience the best possible. Email us by filling out this simple form, or call at (866) 578-8538, or utilize the live chat feature on our site, we'd be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Main Image: Pro Series Stainless Steel Rotating Skewer Rack by Napoleon.


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