The Ultimate Movie/Football Night Outdoors

If you're ready to tackle this outdoor season head on, you'll need to prep for numerous things: fantasy football picks, Monday night games, and a place for you and all your compatriots and rivals to gather and celebrate the season together. Not into football? Don't worry, these tips and tricks will still help you prepare for an awesome evening outdoors. From touchdowns to tailgates, movie nights to family dates, we've got you covered for an awesome evening.

Tell us we're not alone when we say that a night of football is best enjoyed outdoors with a grill and some cold drinks nearby. Throw on your game face because we are going to take you through the ultimate guide to scoring big on your outdoor Monday Night Football party. Besides sporting your team jersey, make sure to add decorations and maybe even color themes to represent the teams playing that evening. And if football isn’t your thing, enjoying a movie out on the lawn is a relaxing way to spend a night! Upgrade from a small television set to a cinema-like screen! Cuddle up with some blankets, popcorn, and your favorite candy because you're in for a treat!

Projector Screen

Nothing creates a great viewing experience like a projector and a large screen. You can even create your own projector screen with a few household items! Better Homes and Gardens has a great guide on how to easily put together a DIY projector screen.


  • Hacksaw
  • Three 10-foot lengths of 1 1/4-inch PVC Pipe
  • 6x9 Foot Canvas Drop Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pins
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Two U Posts
  • Hammer
  • Two 1 1/4-inch PVC Pipe T-Joints
  • Two 1 1/4-inch PVC Pipe Elbows


  1. Take your two 10-foot length PVC pipes, and cut into two 7-foot and two 3-foot sections. Cut remaining 10-foot length in half and set aside.
  2. Now, use scissors to cut the cloth into a 6x7-foot rectangular shape and wrap one 6-foot side of drop cloth around one 7-foot PVC pipe while leaving some overlap and then pin securely. Remove the pipe and stitch to create a cuff. Then, do the same with the other 6-foot side.
  3. Drive U posts into the ground with the hammer, approximately 7 feet apart. Slide each 3-foot PVC piece onto the U posts and twist to tighten as needed.
  4. Then, attach one arm of each T-joint piece on top of the 3-foot PVC pieces. With the other arm of the T-joint pieces attach the 5-foot PVS pieces to the top of each 3-foot PVC piece.
  5. Add elbow pieces to the top of 5-foot PVC pieces, thread the screen onto the 7-foot PVC pieces through the cuffs and attach the 7-foot pieces to the top of the posts with the elbow joints.
  6. Set up your projector and enjoy!


    Granville Table by Elementi Movie Night Blog PostWarm up throughout the night near the Granville Fire Table by Elementi.

    Now for the fun part: creating the perfect setting for your festive football party! Though the focus will mostly be around your television or screen for much of the night, make sure to provide your guests with options for warmth and light. Chances are, your guests will mingle and grab snacks during commercials or intermissions, so it's important to make sure your area is well-lit, has adequate seating, and an overall inviting ambiance.

    First, you'll want to make sure that you have ample seating for all of your guests; our favorite is the Avant Stacking Teak Chair because they allow for very easy storage. Next, create warmth for your guests with the Elementi Granville Fire Table. The wide-ledged top is excellent for setting down appetizers and drinks, while your guests sit nearby for warmth and conversation. In addition, illuminate your fire pit with the Outdoor LED Light Strips. These strips have the capacity to rotate between red, green, blue, or purple--making it an excellent way to represent your favorite team. Set the scene for a delightful movie on the lawn with blankets and throw pillows, while incorporating outdoor lounge furniture such as the extra comfy Ingonish Beach Sofa! This sofa is excellent for snuggling in with a blanket, while enjoying a flick with some snacks nearby. 


    Concession Stand

    Concession Stand Movie Night BlogBuild your concession stand with popcorn, candy, and other snacks for mid-movie munching.

    We all know that the key to making or breaking an outdoor party are the snacks. Pre-game snacking is huge for Monday Night Football just like popcorn is essential for movie watching. So it's important to ensure that you have tasty finger foods and light snacks for your guests to munch on in between plays. These treats are football inspired, but feel free to simplify for any type of gathering! You'll find a healthy and delicious, and Game-Day appropriate, platter in the Watermelon Helmet by Oriental Trading.

    Watermelon Helmet

    Watermelon Helmet Football Night BlogThe Watermelon Helmet by Oriental Trading is a fun and delicious plate to add to your outdoor party.


    • Large Bowl
    • Cutting Knife
    • Spoon/Ice Cream Scooper
      1. Using a sharp chef's knife, cut one end of the watermelon off.
      2. Use an ice cream or cookie scoop to hollow out pieces from the large end of the watermelon into a fruit bowl. Or, use a large spoon to scoop out chunks of watermelon and cut up into bite-size pieces.
      3. Lay the smaller end of the watermelon down, cut in half, then clean out one piece of the watermelon slice you just cut.
      4. Next, carve out the helmet shape from the large end of the watermelon. Then use a black marker to stencil out the helmet's face mask. Next, carve out the face mask with the cleaned half end of the watermelon piece.
      5. Cut up the rest of your fruits into bite-size pieces and serve!

      Transforming your fruit bowl platter into a fruit helmet makes your festivities extra playful and fun. Not only does this provide a healthy option for your guests, it makes the perfect tabletop centerpiece for them to enjoy. You'll have friends and family talking about your carving skills all evening long.

      Chocolate Covered Stawberries

      Chocolate Covered Strawberries Football Night BlogSatisfy your sweet tooth with the Chocolate Covered "Football" Strawberries by Ghirardelli.

      Nothing is sweeter than enjoying Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Here is the recipe from Domestic Fits on how to recreate these beautiful and delicious treats. Make these simple chocolate covered strawberries for your guests before the movie starts or turn them into football look-alikes for your football get-together!  


      • 1 1/2 cups dark chocolate chips
      • Microwave safe mug or bowl
        1. Rinse the strawberries in cool water.
        2. Pat down to dry with a paper towel. Be sure they are completely dry as it allows the chocolate to stay intact when you dip them in chocolate.
        3. While the strawberries are drying, add the dark chocolate chips to
        4. Dip each strawberry individually into the chocolate and lay on parchment paper to dry for about 15 minutes. Refrigerate for chocolate to harden. In a separate microwave-safe mug or bowl, melt the white chocolate chips on high for 20 seconds.
        5. In a separate microwave-safe mug or bowl, melt the white chocolate chips on high for 20 seconds.
        6. Pour the melted white chocolate into your piping Refrigerate again, for chocolate to harden.

        Cinema Foods

        Hot Dogs Cinema Foods Movie Blog Hot dogs with various toppings and flavors make the perfect theater foods.

        Besides popcorn, hot dogs and hamburgers are classic theater foods. Incorporate different toppings and flavors for creative ways to add some flair to these traditional staples. Make sure to kickoff your night of outdoor entertainment with these incredible recipes. The fruit-ball helmet carved watermelon will serve as an excellent centerpiece. Or, recreate this recipe as a simple fruit platter for your guests during movie night! This not only makes a colorful statement, but is also a healthy snack for your guests. To make an even more festive theme, decorate around the fruit bowl with the addition of the Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Drafting these recipes into your next outdoor party are sure to score. Once the film is over, end the night with some s'mores over the fire pit!

        Hut, hut, hike! You are now equipped with all you need to enjoy a night of friendly rivalry and football fun!  Another excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors is an evening on the lawn for silver screen viewing that brings the cinema to you. Either way, spending the evening outdoors with the people you enjoy is the best way to unwind. If you have any questions about your backyard setup, feel free to call us at (866) 578-8538, utilize the live chat feature on our site, or fill out this simple form! We'd love to talk festivities with you!    

        Main image: Movie night on the lawn with a projector and DIY viewing screen. 


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